Yellowstone vacation where to stay?

Rose Kuhn asked a question: Yellowstone vacation where to stay?
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  • Outside of Yellowstone National Park , West Yellowstone is the best place to stay, since the driving times to the main sights will be the shortest. The exception is Lamar Valley , which is located near the northeast corner of the park. PRO TRAVEL TIP: There are many restaurants to choose from in West Yellowstone.

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Where to Stay in Yellowstone on a Budget. Here’s an example of how you could stay in Yellowstone if you’re traveling on a low to mid range budget but don’t want to sleep in a tent (we hear you!): Fly to Salt Lake City or Bozeman and drive to Gardiner. Choose a budget hotel like Yellowstone Basin Inn for night 1.

It can be a hassle packing and unpacking, but Yellowstone is so large that switching accommodations can minimize travel time in the park. The best location to stay within the park is Canyon Village. It is relatively centrally located. From here, it is a short drive Hayden Valley, Tower Falls, and Norris Geyser Basin.

Xanterra is the concessioner for all accommodations inside Yellowstone National Park (as well as Glacier and others, too). Many of the large lodges have existed for more than a century, so keep that in mind and manage your expectations accordingly. Related: I went to Glacier and Yellowstone during COVID-19 and it was weird

West Yellowstone Lodging. West Yellowstone is home to three of our lodging properties - the Kelly Inn West Yellowstone, Clubhouse Inn, and Yellowstone West Gate Hotel, and all of them are very conveniently located less that 10 minutes drive from the West Entrance.

Inside Yellowstone, you can choose to stay in modern or historic hotels and cabins inside the park like the Old Faithful Inn, the world’s largest log structure. Here’s how to choose the best one for you.For those who want to be a little closer to nature, there are 12 campgrounds with a range of services from primitive pit toilets to shower and laundry facilities.

Staying at this satellite of Yellowstone is a great option for those visiting in winter or summer; head east, away from Yellowstone, for a trip on the incredible Beartooth Highway. Or simply stay in town for skiing and snowboarding opportunities at the nearby Beartooth or Absaroka Mountains.

Yellowstone 5 Best Places to Stay #1 Cooke City – Overall Best Place to Stay in Yellowstone #2 Yellowstone Lake – Best Place to Stay in Yellowstone for Families #3 West Yellowstone – Unique Destination near Yellowstone

Campgrounds and in-park lodging tend to book-up six months to one year in advance, and they often lack the sumptuous spa treatments and cozy amenities your family or friend group might want. We’ve pulled together a list of our 11 favorite places to stay near Yellowstone, from gorgeous glamping hubs to posh cabins and mountain-view condos.

Cozy Winter Getaway Near Yellowstone at Bar N Ranch Elephant Head Lodge near Yellowstone’s East Entrance Elk Country Inn in Jackson, Wyoming

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