Xeo quyt tourism area đồng tháp province?

Marquis Fadel asked a question: Xeo quyt tourism area đồng tháp province?
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Xeo Quyt Relic Area is one of the top tourist attractions in Dong Thap Province – the kingdom of lotus in Mekong Delta. Besides learning less-known stories and seeing resistance base against the U.S. in Vietnam War, tourists have great opportunities to immerse the unique local life, enjoy great local dishes and buy many souvenirs and specialty foods to bring home.

Xeo Quyt is still a strange name in the map of Vietnam, but with the people of Dong Thap, Xeo Quyt is a place to find and remember the national origin, this is a place that holds many cultural and historical values as well as a spacious and airy ecosystem, beautiful scenery with a variety of useful activities.

Xeo Quyt Relic Area has the area of around 50ha, including the 20ha pristine cajuput forest, and it may be uncovered by boat or on foot. Xeo Quyt Relic Area – one of the top attractions in Dong Thap. In the past, Xeo Quyt used to be a vast swamp full of wild grass, complex canals and channels.

Xeo Quyt Restaurant, Xeo Quyt Relic Area, Dong Thap Province Tracy Do February 19, 2020 Dong Thap Travel Guide No Comments Xeo Quyt Relic Area attracts a large number of tourists to explore Viet Cong bases in cajuput jungles with a complex system of waterways – a perfect place to hide from the U.S. forces and the puppet army.

Xeo Quyt is known as the military base for the Viet Cong in Dong Thap Province in the war against the French and the U.S. In recent, the Xeo Quyt Relic Area has become one of the top attractions in the kingdom of lotus. There are dozens of interesting activities there, check out The ultimate guide to Xeo Quyt Relic Area to learn more about lotus pond, restaurant serving specialty, experiencing ...

Xeo Quyt Relic Area is one of the top things to do in Dong Thap Province – the kingdom of lotus in Mekong Delta. Coming to this relic area, tourists have a big chance to learn about the heartbroken war, the rough heroic struggle of Viet Cong soldiers and local people, less-known stories, walk in jungle forests and explore the bases of soldiers, see artifacts related to the fight in the ...

Many domestic and foreign tourists come to Xẻo Quýt tourist area. — Photo place.vn Lâm Thanh Located about 30km from the centre of Cao Lãnh City, Đồng Tháp Province, in the area of Mỹ Long and Mỹ Hiệp communes, the Xẻo Quýt national historic site, as well as the ecological area, gave us the feeling […]

Lâm Thanh. Located about 30km from the centre of Cao Lãnh City, Đồng Tháp Province, in the area of Mỹ Long and Mỹ Hiệp communes, the Xẻo Quýt national historic site, as well as the ecological area, gave us the feeling of being lost in a primaeval forest with beautiful scenery.

DONG THAP PROVINCE. Square: 3375,4 km 2 Population: 1670,5 thousands people (2010) City: Cao Lanh City Districts: Sa Dec Town, Tan Hong, Hong Ngu, Tam Nong, Thanh Binh, Thap Muoi, Cao Lanh, Lap Vo, Chau Thanh, Lai Vung. OVERVIEW: Dong Thap is particularly famous for its natural scenery, with several bird grounds. The most noteworthy is the breeding ground of red-headed cranes, which are very ...

Đồng Tháp is a newly cultivated area from the 17th and 18th centuries, under the Nguyễn lords. The foundation of this area adhered to a powerful struggling history against nature, dangerous animals and aggressors. The south of Đồng Tháp province whose center is Sa Đéc plays a very significant role.

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