Why you should travel with your kids?

Lindsay Marks asked a question: Why you should travel with your kids?
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  • Here are five reasons you should travel with your children whenever you can: 1. Make them citizens of the world. Children are more adaptable than we are, and the earlier we can expose them to otherness in all its various forms, the less likely they are to become solipsistic as they grow into their consciousness and power.


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  • If traveling in Patagonia with kids, you'll find that many trips are suitable for those aged ten and up, especially if you opt for double kayaks or family-sized canoes. The weird and wonderful wildlife of Patagonia is sure to impress kids.

❔ Should you let your kids travel abroad alone?

  • A lot of parents aren’t comfortable with the idea of their children traveling abroad, particularly if they plan on going alone. They think it is unsafe and simply a waste of time and money. It may potentially take away their focus on what’s really important in life, like education and career.

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  • If you will be staying at a hotel while traveling with your dog, cover all your bases in advance. A pet-friendly hotel is more than just one that allows pets; it is one that welcomes them. Some hotels offer special dog beds, turndown service (down to the treat on the pillow), dog spa services and doggie daycare.

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So, if you’ve ever doubted the value of family travel, or have ever wondered why you should travel with kids, here are 8 great reasons why you might want to consider travel with kids this summer. Traveling with Kids Promotes Hands-On Learning. Travel often means experiencing new people, new places, and new cultures.

Traveling with kids will force you to move at their pace; your pace will be slower and your children will point out details you likely would have overlooked without them. 5. To expand their world. Traveling exposes us to unfamiliar foods, music, styles, cultures, and languages. Your children may discover new things they love.

So, why bother? Here are five reasons you should travel with your children whenever you can: 1. Make them citizens of the world.

Why It's so Important for Kids to Travel, According to Experts (Video) Take a stroll in a local neighborhood.. While it’s great to see the major attractions in a destination, walking around a... Create a tradition while on vacation.. Traditions can help kids connect to a trip. For example, as ...

Travel, and particularly family travel, rarely goes as planned. Your kids won’t remember the time they had to sit through multicourse meals with you in Europe. (I recommend giving it a try.) But you just might find they’re better behaved at restaurants back home because they’ve gotten used to a new normal abroad.

I consider myself a tough traveller and never gave a second thought to whether having two kids under two would stop my wandering (of course it wouldn’t). But a recent flight from Colorado with my toddler nearly broke me. Not one to sit still for long, she howled and thrashed until I feared the seatbelt might hurt her, leaving no choice but to release her to rummage under the seats in front of us (apologies to the passengers in row 27).

Video games and cell phones have become common for kids in grade school, and filling multiple rooms and basements of houses with toys is not unusual. When taking off to travel the world, taking the opportunity to pare down and get rid of a lot of useless crap is very empowering.

2 Year Old Teaches Himself How to Use Chopsticks. A Memory of Xi'an, China, my two year old at the time teaching himself how to use chopsticks so he can eat ...

Travel has helped them become adaptable and more flexible kids: Traveling with young children exposes them to a new ‘normal.’ It allows them to be more adaptable to changing situations and be more flexible in their habits.

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  • Whether you’re flying, driving, or sailing, traveling internationally can be stressful—especially with kids. Since different travel companies and airlines have different policies, there are important documents to have in any situation to guarantee your travels are less stressful.
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If you start your own travel blog, then carrying a computer is a no-brainer—you need a laptop with you… If you're planning to travel the world, this might be the perfect opportunity to force yourself offline. The fact is, most travelers these days have a smartphone, so bringing a laptop might be overkill for your trip.

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Another reason why people love to travel: it helps open your mind. You realize that there's no one way to live life. Meeting people from other places will show you that your world view isn't the same as everyone else's… By being exposed to new places, people and cultures, you'll develop a wider world view.

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One of the best parts about travelling with friends is the stronger friendship that develops out of the experience. You will share incredible and unique moments and learn new things together throughout your travels. You will be able to talk with them about it during the trip and for years to come.

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  • Don’t just ask teachers for the homework your child will miss while away, either; ask for the lesson plan. Spend your vacation going over the lesson plan with your child. Discuss possible extra credit work, such as a report or school presentation based on the trip so your child can share what he or she learned with the class.
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Children of all ages usually require a valid passport when flying to another country. While children traveling by land or sea can travel to most destinations with a birth certificate, we strongly recommend that you apply for a passport anyway. A passport provides official proof of citizenship and helps avoid delays when passing over borders.

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  • Two parents debate whether it's appropriate to pull your kids out of school for a family vacation. What's your take? ‘Yes, because experiences are priceless.’
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  • But as all travel-keen parents know, itchy feet don’t disappear because you have a kid or two (or more!) in tow. At Babies Who Travel we’ve searched high and low to bring you 50 of The Best Family Travel Blogs on the planet that every parent should follow. So if you want to travel with kids, you’ve come to the right place!
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  • Write a letter stating that you, as the child's parents, authorize the relative to travel with the child. Include both the child and relative's names and details about their travel plans. Both parents should sign the letter and get it notarized. In addition, provide the relative with a copy of each child's birth certificate.