Why travel to the middle east?

Rosie Yost asked a question: Why travel to the middle east?
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“The Middle East is a very important region to visit for many reasons: It's where the history of man, religion, and global issues merge.” says Stowell. “Now more than ever, we need people having positive firsthand experiences with each other to move towards peace and friendship versus conflict.”

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As tourism to the Middle East continues to grow, it may prove the most effective tool in changing cultural bias to dispel misperceptions of fear. You simply must find out for yourself. For your ...

One thing is certain: Saudi’s landscape and historic landmarks – the coral-limestone houses of Jeddah’s Al-Balad neighbourhood; the medieval Diriyah fort; the eerie sandstone ruins and rock formations at Madain Saleh, and Al Ula (currently the enviable setting for a new music-and-arts festival) – are totally compelling, untarnished by familiarity, and deserve more than a couple of sentences in a travel writer’s journal.

Why visit. Of all the regions of the world, the Middle East will give travelers some of their most unique experiences. The culture is very different from that in the West, and while some may be content to make judgments from afar, it’s far better to go and experience a region known for its friendly people first-hand.

Why Travelers Are Flocking to the Middle East Middle East Travel: Then and Now. It’s no secret that Middle East travel took a hit following the Arab Spring uprisings... New Adventure Options. Emerging adventure offerings in countries like Jordan, Egypt, and Oman are bringing a renewed... Food ...

The Middle East may be strewn with landmarks left by the ancients, but few carry the raw, emotional power of Persepolis. It's the combination of scale (monumental staircases dominate), detail (the bas-reliefs are extraordinary) and setting (the site rises from the sands against a backdrop of pretty hills) that gives this Unesco site its appeal.

After quite a stressful week, it’s nice to be transported to my favorite ‘decompressing’ spots. So today’s post will be short and sweet: Middle East relaxation. A photo essay, describing a few locations that ooze peace and quiet whilst in the middle of the chaotic region. Smoking shisha on a Bedouin café by the […]

The term "Middle East" was created by the British in the 19th century due to the important trading routes such as the Suez Canal and the Persian Gulf and there is no precise definition; it is a political term as much as geographical, but also Eurocentric, implying that it separates "the West" (Europe) from the Far East.

Travel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is generally considered safe, and that has helped make Dubai, the UAE’s most famous city, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Middle East. It is...

Is It Safe to Travel to the Middle East Now? Go Ahead. The following countries are considered safe, so no need to cancel your travel plans. However, as tensions in... Proceed With Caution. The following countries are not currently on official “Do not travel” lists, but travelers should... Reconsider ...

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