Why is ethiopian opal so cheap?

Margot Connelly asked a question: Why is ethiopian opal so cheap?
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Ethiopian opal for dummies - all you need to know!

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It might seem a tad bit odd, but Ethiopian opals are cheap because they don't control the market. Sure, they are a bit rarer than Australian, but they have to compete with opal royalty. The only way Ethiopian opal sellers can turn a profit is if they offer their gems at a lower price point.

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Opal: australian vs. ethiopian ??

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Ethiopian opals are cheaper than Australian opals mainly because they are attempting to thrive in a competitive market. They remain a customer favorite and it’s easy to see why: they dazzle, sparkle, and mesmerize for a good price. Who can resist that?

Meet the Ethiopian opal. Originating in Wollo, Ethiopia, commonly known also as the Welo opal (mostly because of spelling), is a type of the most sought-after opal in the world. Wollo is the home of both common and precious opals, which bring us to a new crossroad. Common opal is more neutral regarding the look, meaning its glow is uniform and ...

The main reason why Ethiopian precious opal is not as expensive per ct is mainly because it has not been in the market for long enough for a large enough bulk of gem by buyers to recognise it. When did Ethiopian opal start to appear at the interna...

The reason high quality opal is so expensive is because it is genuinely rare, and usually breathtakingly beautiful. I mined for over 20 years as an artisan miner on the Coober Pedy Opal fields in the South Australia outback, and I can say that I found over a million in opal, but over the span of my career it works out to about, $300 per week…

Why did my Opal turned clear? Good solid opals contain little water may be up to 7%. Keeping them dry may also crack them. The reason it turned so transparent is because this is Ethiopian opal and not Australian opal! Ethiopian opal is porous so water can penetrate it.

The opal stone is mainly found in Australia, where the mines supply up to almost all of the global opals gemstones. This is another factor that makes the gemstone more expensive as compared to the others. The demand for Australian boulder opal gemstones has over time been increasing, sometimes the demand beating the supply!

When being valued, opal is carefully examined and given a price ‘per carat’. The overall carat size of the stone will then determine the price of the opal. Opal class. First of all, it is essential to identify the type of opal which is being valued. An opal doublet or triplet can be worth considerably less than a solid opal. Doublets and triplets are an ‘assembled’ stone which only contains a very thin slice of natural opal and are therefore generally much less valuable.

They are more durable and many times cheaper than true opals, but they will rarely be able to fool an experienced eye. Imitation opal production methods are becoming more refined, and some come close to the real thing but all is revealed under a jeweler's loupe. Authenticity doesn't matter as much to some.

Het lijkt misschien een beetje vreemd, maar Ethiopische opalen zijn goedkoop omdat ze de markt niet beheersen. Natuurlijk, ze zijn een beetje zeldzamer dan Australisch, maar ze moeten concurreren met opalen royalty's. De enige manier waarop Ethiopische opaalverkopers winst kunnen maken, is als ze hun edelstenen tegen een lagere prijs aanbieden.

This has been my main concern with Ethiopian opal. I believe the material is good for the opal industry provided those selling it explain the deficiencies and limitations. The market price for the material reflects this and is the reason why the material is so much cheaper then the Aussie material.

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