Why is a turkey called a turkey?

Christina Bins asked a question: Why is a turkey called a turkey?
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❔ What was turkey called before it was called turkey?

Asia Minor, I believe. no...ottoman empire when ottoman falled down they put a new name..(Turkey)

❔ Why is europe's turkey called turkey?

The country got its name from the people, Turkey means strong and powerful. It just happens the name of the country in English is the same as the name of a fowl in English. The two are not linguistically related. Turkey in Turkish is Turkiye.

❔ Male turkey is called?

A male Turkey is a 'tom' a female is a 'hen'

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Because they are called Turks so they put Turks first then add ey (turk-ey) but in Turkish it is spelled Turkiye (Turk-i-yeah)

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What is turkey called today?

Today Turkey (Country) is called Asia Minor.

What is turkey currency called?

New Turkish Lir

What is turkey poop called?

So here's a fun fact you may not have heard to chew on as you masticate your meal: you can tell a turkey's sex by it's poop. That's right — male turkeys and female turkeys crap different turds. The toms' feces are long and skinny, while the hens' are coily little clumps.

What's a female turkey called?

Adult female turkeys are called hens. Juvenile females are called jennies. Adult females average half the size of male turkeys.

Whats a male turkey called?

a tom!

Whay are turkey calls called?
  • Purring is a soft, rolling call turkeys make when content. It is a low vocal communication designed to keep the turkeys in touch and often is made by feeding birds. This is not a loud call, but is good for reassuring turkeys as they get close to your position.
Why is turkey called tom?

A "tom" turkey is a male turkey. The female is a hen.

Why's it called cold turkey?

Why is quitting smoking called Cold Turkey?

  • "Cold turkey" is a quick-fix method to quitting tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. Rather than gradually tapering off the substance, you stop taking it immediately. The term comes from the goosebumps people sometimes get in the days after they quit, which look like the skin of a "cold turkey" in the fridge.
Why is the country turkey called the animal turkey?

The country is called Turkey because it's home to the Turks. When European settlers arrived in America, they encountered turkeys, which they mistook for being a guineaufowl. The guineafowl was also called the "turkey fowl" because it was imported into Western Europe regularly from Turkey. In the end, the American bird became known as the turkey, while the guineafowl kepts its name.

Why is the wild turkey called the wild turkey?

because they live in the wild

Are people from turkey called turkens?
  • The Turkish people, or simply the Turks, (Turkish: Türkler) are the world's largest Turkic ethnic group; they speak various dialects of the Turkish language and form a majority in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. In addition, centuries-old ethnic Turkish communities still live across other former territories of the Ottoman Empire.
What a male turkey in called?

A stag.

What are people from turkey called?

I don't think that is correct. At Turk is from Turkmenistan

What is a baby turkey called?

A baby turkey is called a poult.

What is a dad turkey called?

A "Tom" turkey. The "mom" turkey is called a "Hen". A dad turkey {a male} is a tom or a gobbler. == == == ==

What is a female turkey called?

Adult female turkeys are called hens.

What is a mom turkey called?

A "mom" turkey is called a "Hen".The "dad" turkey is called a "Tom". A female turkey is called a hen.

What is a mother turkey called?

A male turkey is called a tom or a gobbler, a female turkey a hen, and a baby turkey a poult or chick.

What is a turkey house called?

A turkey house is called pens. Newborn turkeys are placed in brooder houses until they are of age to go outside into the pens.

What is a turkey leg called?

A cooked turkey leg is called a drumstick. And an un-cooked one is a turkey leg. :)

What is a yong turkey called?

A young turkey is called a "poult".

What is someone from turkey called?

A "Turkish" person

What is the turkey leg called?

A drumstick