Why do travelers want sustainable tourism?

Derrick Kirlin asked a question: Why do travelers want sustainable tourism?
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The top reasons travelers give for choosing these eco-friendly places to rest their heads are to help reduce environmental impact (40%), to have a locally relevant experience (34%) and wanting to feel good about an accommodation choice (33%).

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Why is Sustainable Tourism so Important Benefits of Sustainable Tourism.. Sustainable tourism not only has assist travellers but, also local communities. So,... Environmental sustainability. Of course one of the things that are always related to sustainable tourism is... Socio-cultural ...

People in general and travelers alike are becoming more aware of their actions. But why is sustainable tourism important and what does it actually mean? Sustainable tourism is a way of traveling that leaves a minimum negative impact on the places visited and preferably rather leaves a positive impact on society.

Why Sustainable Tourism Matters Although it may not seem like a negative activity, tourism does have a huge impact on the planet. Every year, humans take a total of 32 million flights, producing 781 million tons of carbon! Then, when we actually get to our destinations, travelers use double the amount of water we do at home.

Sustainable tourism, is traveling with the intention of having a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy -- or at least not a negative one. This sounds like it should always be the case, but unfortunately, it is not.

Photo: Brenno Carvalho. The definition of sustainable tourism according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) is as follows: “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Abbie Synan, who writes the sustainable travel blog Speck on the Globe and is the Senior Content Lead at Impact Travel Alliance, writes that sustainable tourism, which to her falls in this bucket of tourism behavior, functions “as a longer term evaluation to mitigating the problem [of] poor travel choices; like tourism leakage, overtourism, environmental degradation, erasure of local communities and cultures etc.”

Many global travelers also indicated they engage in sustainable travel behavior because the activity itself adds a positive vacation experience to their trip. Sustainable vacation activities that...

We can travel to rural towns and find out about life outside the cities. We can stay on farms, visit small wineries, go surfing on uncrowded breaks. That is sustainable travel.

Tourism industries are considered successfully sustainable when they can meet the needs of travelers while having a low impact on natural resources and generating long-term employment for locals.

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