Why do they let james harden travel?

Gail Pollich asked a question: Why do they let james harden travel?
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It is an effective move that allows Harden to score almost every time. It is one of the strongest moves in Harden's arsenal. However, some people wonder if Harden's step-back jumper is a travel. In Basketball, traveling is defined as a possession when a player with the ball moves one or both feet illegally.


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❔ Is james harden double stepback a travel?

It does appear he drags his back foot into his final step, but as Basketball Breakdown and others have pointed out, that's legal as well. No, Harden isn't traveling when he goes into his euro-step layup, even if it looks that way to casual fans.

❔ Is the james harden step back a travel?

  • NBA Ref Explains Why The James Harden Step Back Isn't Traveling The James Harden Step Back doesn't always get called a travel by NBA referees. Zach Zarba, a 15-year NBA referee, is here to weigh in on whether or not the move is a travel.

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