Why did my ethiopian opal turned yellow?

Maddison Wilkinson asked a question: Why did my ethiopian opal turned yellow?
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Hydrophane opals have the ability to absorb water or liquids, similar to a sponge, resulting in a change of color that may turn the opal translucent yellow or brown and the play-of-color to disappear temporarily.

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Ethiopian and mexican sources often are. Soak it in some water and it should clear up. That or it could have been coated in oil or something else to improve color when you bought it. I don't know. Hopefully someone who knows more about opals chimes in. I generally stay away from opals, they're weird and seemingly unpredictable. Good luck!

This is often asked but a lot of Ethiopian opal does have a very strong yellowish appearance. As to wether this increases over time I don’t know. I have pieces put away from the time it first came on the market and although “yellowish” I don’t believe they have changed. Ethiopian opal is often dyed to find new parts of the marketing chain.

Why did my Ethiopian opal turned yellow? Opal is one of the rare porous stones. It can absorb dust from the air over time, it can also even out or darken depending on the humidity of the place where it is stored, it may also crack if stored in one place warm or lit by the sun.

It turned grayish yellow. I reasoned mine was water-logged, so I put it in a very low oven, maybe 130 degrees, for a few hours. In my case it worked, but since yours was in salt water, not plain water, I wouldn't suggest it. Since you bought it from JTV, you might call them and see if one of their GIA trained people can advise you.

yellow color. Some said the discoloration is caused by. jewelers rouge (from buffing and polishing). It could also be from contaminates in the air or iron in your water. Most said the discoloration goes all the way through the Stone. The jewelers weren’t recommending recutting the stones either.

Why did my Ethiopian Opal turn yellow? When Opels come in contact with water, they absorb it like a sponge and when left in water and allowed to soak it up they may lose their vibrancy temporarily and then yellow or brown.

I am new to collecting gemstones, and I recently purchased something called an Ethiopian Fire Opal. I did some research on it before buying it, and the seller stated it is natural and untreated. I only paid $20 for it. When I got it, it was yellow/orange and transparent with beautiful color play. After I took it out I noticed the package felt ...

Much of the opal has a brown, red, or orange body color; however, yellow, white, and clear body colors are also found. Shewa Province opal is found in stratified igneous rocks such as rhyolite, tuff, and ignimbrite. Although much of this opal has crazing problems, stable material enters the gem and jewelry market.

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