Why are sf hotels so expensive?

Leonora Moore asked a question: Why are sf hotels so expensive?
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The rising costs are being driven by the region's technology-industry boom, a soaring job market and a dearth of hotel construction as developers focus on office and residential buildings -- a combination that's allowing operators to be aggressive with their pricing.

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Hilton Financial District (last hotel I stayed at in SF; for a conference) has rooms for $350. Private bathroom. Hyatt Regency, $359. Le Meridien shows rooms for $269. Intercontinental Marc Hopkins, $278. The SF Palace and Wyndham Parc 55 show as filled.

5. Re: why are san francisco hotels so expensive??? Also, if your dates are flexible (sounds like it possible/probable), it will improve the chances of getting a better rate on your hotel. When there is a major event or convention in town rates spike due to the increased demand.

Hi, Looking at visiting San Francisco from 12th September to 15th of September and I cannot get over the price the hotels are quoting. £350 ($573) for a 1 Star hotel with a shared bathroom for 3 nights??? Come on!! Is there something going on that weekend which is sending all the prices sky high? £678 ($1028) for a 3 star holiday Inn for 3 nights is ridiculous.

One reason is that SF is relatively small, geographically, and real estate prices are high. Lots of people in a small space. Also, much of the surrounding area is not nearly as charming/scenic and people end up realizing they have to stay in The City to have the experience they want. San Francisco also gets lots of convention business.

Marin is very expensive, sometimes more expensive than SF. If you want to stay in SF proper, there are a lot of nice inns/ motels in Cow Hollow/ the Marina, which is a really safe area. Here are some4+ starred guest rated inns. Avoid the cheaper hotels West and NW of Union Square (Tenderloin) and the Mid-market area (Market st and SOMA below ...

SF hotels are expensive at the best of times... compare prices by changing dates a week or two. Without knowing what prices you're seeing (and expecting), it's hard to know 'why' (and fairly irrelevant).

While that growth is helping buoy hotel demand, many developers eschew lodging projects because of the high expenses associated with staffing a hotel in San Francisco.

Why Are The Hotels Insanely Expensive Lately? Apr 12, 2021, 8:48 PM. Save. I've lived in Savannah and have come there often. I don't know if it's the pandemic, but what's up with hotels downtown being $300-$400 a night? I used to could take a spur-of-the-moment trip, and book a hotel for less than $150 while in the car.

Why Is San Francisco So Expensive? As always, high housing prices in San Francisco and its surroundings are a product of the interaction between demand and supply. To be exact, there is huge demand for housing in the region but nowhere near enough supply with which to meet it.

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