Why are 5 star hotels so expensive?

Janae Predovic asked a question: Why are 5 star hotels so expensive?
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Industry sources said the average combined tax rate is in the range of 18% to 22%. So under the new system, staying or dining at five stars will become more expensive… “Currently five-star hotels suffer service tax and luxury tax. Also, they have a tax cost on procurements of goods which they cannot set off.

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Definitely these hotels add value to the prices. They offer a different atmosphere, service quality, room sizes & gadgets, well-trained staff interactions with the guests, etc..etc..etc. Some of the hotel chains have created luxury cultures, and c...

Hotels.I will explain why. These might seem like extravagant things to spend money on, but let me explain why I don’t stay at 5-star hotels.It’s not because I’m conceited or think that 5 ...

London’s five star hotels now the world's most expensive. At an average of £497, luxury rooms in London more expensive than Geneva, LA, Tokyo and New York.

Slate asked our readers to assign us stories, and more than 1,000 of you wanted me to explain why hotels are so expensive. As a reader noted, “The cheapest hotel room in my city’s downtown is ...

So why are Britishhotels so expensive? Three factors – tax, costs and supply and demand – according to the British Hospitality Association, the hotel industry's body. At 17.5 per cent, British ...

ITC Maurya Hotel. ITC Maurya (formerly The Maurya New Delhi), a premier 5 star hotel in Delhi is a luxury hotel in Delhi. ITC Maurya New Delhi, A Luxury Collection Hotel features is 5.7 km from the iconic India Gate. It has 440 rooms, including 29 uniquely-designed suites, are available in a bouquet of room categories, from the Executive Club ...

One guest at a posh Chicago hotel voices an opinion on the matter that summates exactly why hotels remain locked into this model: “There are so many hotels to choose from. If everyone is offering room service, I don’t know why I would pay the same rate with no service.”

Luxury hotels can take your hotel experiences to the next level, and in this post I will tell you some of the benefits and features, which are based on my experience. Not all these things are applicable to every luxury hotel, so do your research if there is something you are after.

1. A Five-star hotel must have five-star facilities like swimming pools, centralized AC, etc. which need expensive maintenance. 2. High power charges for heating and air conditioning. 3. Luxury tax on almost everything, along with the already exis...

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