Who underwrites good to go travel insurance?

Linnea Gaylord asked a question: Who underwrites good to go travel insurance?
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  • Good2Go Travel Insurance is underwritten by AIG, an Australian insurer. AIG has been operating in Australia since 1957 and has offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The company is truly a global company, with customers in more than 130 countries.

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Underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities. Our travel insurance is underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities and Insured by White Horse Insurance Ireland dac. Travel Insurance Facilities are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Register number is 306537).

Knowing who underwrites your travel insurance policy is an important consideration when choosing your policy, as it may help you save time when you shop around… some good news! Domestic travel ...

We are proud to be able to provide travel insurance to travellers who have difficulty finding cover from a standard insurer due to their pre existing medical conditions or because they are over 65. Our travel insurance can cover all types of pre existing medical conditions up to a high level of severity and sometimes even a terminal prognosis.

Good2Go offers travel insurance to seniors up to the age of 84. The Seniors Travel Insurance covers many pre-existing health conditions, like tinnitus, allergies, asthma, osteoporosis, hay fever ...

How we find the best travel insurance policies. In April and May 2021 we surveyed 86 insurance companies about 52 different areas of cover from each of their policies. We analysed the data and awarded each policy a Policy Score. A high score indicates that overall, the policy has comparatively high levels of cover.

Staysure travel insurance overview Staysure was formed in 2004 to provide comprehensive yet reasonably priced travel insurance for the growing number of over-50s within the UK, with a UK headquarters located in Northampton. Its insurance is now available to those aged under 50. Staysure travel insurance is underwritten by ERV.

Good Sam Travel Assist is underwritten by the UK-based QBE Europe Insurance Ltd., which has been in business since 1991, and has a very good financial reputation. Neither Good Sam Travel Assist itself or its parent company, Good Sam Enterprises LLC, has financial ratings with Moody's or AM Best, though QBE has an A1 and A rating with these, respectively.

An agent or broker sells insurance policies. An underwriter decides whether the insurance company should and will make the sale of that coverage. Your agent or broker has to present a solid case that will convince the underwriter that the risk you present is a good one.

After more negotiation they said they'd reimburse the full cost of the flights (minus the excess) but only if my husband agreed to sign a legal document saying Tick could use our Virgin travel credits at a time of their choosing-we declined that offer too because it seems unethical that a travel insurer profits from this situation (i.e. they keep our premium, they pay us less than the full fare because they deduct the excess, and then they use the full value of the Virgin travel credit for ...

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