Where will the pet be kept when you go on vacation?

Aryanna Roob asked a question: Where will the pet be kept when you go on vacation?
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Leave them at a Kennel, Boarding Facility or Pet Hotel

A professional service should be knowledgeable about animals and how to take care of them. These services have the facilities and staff already equipped to take good care of your pet. However, your pet may be kept in a cage for longer than you'd like.


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The best dog-boarding services have puppy play areas for your best friend to meet other dogs and stay entertained while you’re away. You can also board cats when you leave on vacation, but their enclosure is not as social as the dog areas. Websites like Thumbtack can connect you with local kennels and boarders in your area.

No matter where your pet stays while you’re on vacation, encourage normalcy. Leave a detailed set of instructions and a written routine of their day so the pet sitter is aware of how the day should go. It’s also important to keep your pet eating the same food, playing with the same toys, and sleeping with the same blankets while you’re away.

Boarding kennels allow you to place your pet in a hotel of sorts for short or long stays while you are on vacation. While at the boarding kennel, your pet will receive care, attention, and exercise while in indoor and outdoor spaces designed with your pet’s safety in mind.

Boarding kennels or Pet resorts are places where you can leave your dog overnight, for a couple of days, or even for a longer period of time at some places. Your vet may offer boarding services so make sure you check with your vet first since your dog is probably comfortable with the vet and his staff.

You know your pet best and what will work best for both of you when you’re going away or on vacation. It’s important to do your research and consider a number of factors before you make your ultimate decision, but with the amount of services and options available these days, you’re likely to know which will work out better for everyone in ...

You can hire an experienced pet sitter to stay overnight in your home or to come and care for your pet (or pets) several times a day while you’re away. The advantage, of course, is that your pet gets to stay in the comfort of her own home.

mauinow1/iStock(New York) — Pet adoption rates soared during the pandemic. According to a Rover.com survey from January, 49% of Americans said they got a new dog amid the pandemic. With travel ...

If your pet gets sick on the road, Bucko said its best to talk with your veterinarian before your next road trip. “The best piece of advice that I have for you is to talk with your veterinarian about alternate travel suggestions and even medications to keep them comfortable.” 5. Consider pet-friendly destinations for your next vacation. No ...

Complete Guide To Leaving Your Cat Home Alone While On Vacation . You’ve finally planned and booked your perfect holiday and everything is organized, but you’ve got just one final problem – where to leave your cat while on vacation. We’ve already tackled the issue of how to leave your dog at home while you’re on vacation or away, and now it’s time to answer the difficult question ...

Adjust your pet's schedule. Two weeks before your vacation, start leaving your pet home alone for longer periods of time. If you usually leave your pet at home while you are away at work, leave your house for a couple of hours after work each day. If you usually see your pet during the day, leave your pet at home while you are at work.

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