Where is the main office of edinburgh council?

Orpha Oberbrunner asked a question: Where is the main office of edinburgh council?
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Edinburgh, 4 East Market Street, Waverley Court, City Of Edinburgh Council Headquarters.


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❔ Which council runs edinburgh?

The City of Edinburgh Council is the local government authority for the City of Edinburgh.

❔ Who runs edinburgh council?

City of Edinburgh Council
Leader of the CouncilCllr Adam McVey, SNP since 15 May 2017
Chief ExecutiveAndrew Kerr since 27 May 2015

❔ Where are the council resilience centres in edinburgh?

  • Five Council resilience centres have been established across the city. These are not open to the general public. Customers are asked to attend in person only if it is critical and you are: The centres are located in: Wester Hailes - South West Locality Office, 10 Westside Plaza, EH14 2SP

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How to pay your council tax edinburgh?

Where do I go to pay my council tax?

  • Council's bank sort code 83 06 08 and account number 00740589. Call our 24 hour payment line number and select option 1 for Council Tax. 11 digit Council Tax account number from the top right hand side of your bill. We can not take credit card payments by phone. The service is free of charge.
How to register for council tax edinburgh?
  • Step 1 - register with mygovscot myaccount. If you haven't already, you'll need to register with mygovscot myaccount. Need help with mygovscot myaccount? Step 2 . Sign in to your Council Tax online account. If you have any issues please contact [email protected]
What time does edinburgh council repairs open?

If you don't leave a forwarding address, the Council will initiate its usual debt recovery process. We will arrive anytime between 8am and 5pm Monday to Wednesday. Up to 3.30pm on Thursday and 1.00 pm on Friday. We will arrive between 8am and 9.30am for some small repairs.

How big is the council area of edinburgh?
  • The council area of Edinburgh covers 264 square kilometres (102 sq mi), and has a population of just under 500,000. Edinburgh is centred on the medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town.
How do i cancel my council tax edinburgh?
  1. sign in to mygovscot myaccount.
  2. click on either Consent or Delete account tab.
  3. in the Consent tab, click on Withdraw under the City of Edinburgh Council.
  4. in the Delete account tab, read the warning message and if you wish to continue click the Confirm button.
How to contact the city of edinburgh council?
  • It is faster to report issues, request services and pay bills online. We have twitter support available. Business Rates 0131 608 1133 Council emergency number 0131 200 2000. Available 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you call the number during office hours and your call isn’t an emergency, you will be directed to a menu of options.
How to find your council tax band edinburgh?

How do I find out my council tax band UK?

  • Find out the Council Tax band for a home in England or Wales by looking up its address or postcode. For homes in Scotland, search on the Scottish Assessors website. You can also use this service to challenge your Council Tax band if you think it’s wrong. You’ll need to provide evidence for your challenge.
How to get a council flat in edinburgh?

How do I apply for social housing in Edinburgh?

  • In this section… To register with EdIndex and apply for social housing in Edinburgh you need to complete an EdIndex application form. To request an application form please email If you have access to a printer we can email you an application form.
How to get a council house in edinburgh?
  • To bid for a Council or Housing Association home in Edinburgh you must register with EdIndex by completing the application form. You can download the application form using the link below. Or you can contact us at edin[email protected] and we can e-mail you an electronic version of the form or post one out to you.
How to speak to someone at edinburgh council?
  • You can complain in person at any Council building, eg schools, libraries or Neighbourhood Offices and speak direct to a member of staff, by telephone, in writing or e- mail via our complaints form (www.edinburgh.gov.uk/commentsform). See our contact
Is the edinburgh city council open on holiday?
  • These are the typical hours of operation, though the exact times can vary from location to location: The majority of Edinburgh City Council stores generally stay open on the following holidays, though reduced hours may apply. What Time Does Edinburgh City Council Close?
What is my council tax account number edinburgh?

Payment reference should be your 11 digit Council Tax account number from the top right hand side of your bill. Council's bank sort code 83 06 08 and account number 00740589.

What is the edinburgh school closures council guidance?
  • Here is the Edinburgh school closures council guidance: The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in drastic, short term changes to how we deliver all services, including education. All school staff want to continue to offer the best service possible.
What is the email address for edinburgh council?

If you need any other services, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you promptly. Friday 10am to 3pm.

When did edinburgh city council come into existence?
  • It was created in 1996 under the Local Government etc. Act 1994, with the boundaries of the post-1975 City of Edinburgh district of the Lothian region. If you need to find out the Edinburgh City Council Of Operation, Holiday Hours & Edinburgh City Council Locations Near Me Must read this post till the end. Edinburgh City Council hours.
Is edinburgh waverley the main train station?
  • Edinburgh Waverley Train Station (Edinburgh Waverley Train Station) is Edinburgh’s main railway station. It covers an area of 25 acres and is the largest mainline station outside of London. Waverley Station is located in a ditch at the intersection of Edinburgh's historic New Town and Old Town.
What are the main festivals in edinburgh?
  • There are also smaller festivals and local festival events happening throughout the year in Edinburgh (including the Edinburgh Mela and Edinburgh Food Festival) and you can find a full list here. There are also events around St. Andrew’s Day (Scotland’s patron saint) and Burns Night (celebrating poet Robert Burns).
What is the main area of edinburgh?

Leith is where I live in Edinburgh, at the top end, close to Princes Street. It has character, and is the most international part of Edinburgh, with restaurants and grocery stores from six continents and dozens of countries.

What is the main street in edinburgh?
  • The Royal Mile has been the main street of Edinburgh for centuries, and definitely shouldn’t be missed. Its name comes from the two royal residences located at either end of the street, Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, and its length, which is approximately one Scottish mile. Which station in Edinburgh is the main one?
What's the main shopping street in edinburgh?

Princes Street: Located in the New Town, Princes Street is Edinburgh's most important street. You'll find several department stores, Jenners and smaller international brands. George Street: Parallel to Princes Street and a lot less crowded, George Street offers a great selection of boutiques and high-end stores.

Which is the main edinburgh train station?

Edinburgh Waverley Station is located on Princes Street in central Edinburgh. Waverley Station sits in the bed of a former loch which once separated Edinburgh's Old and New Towns and was drained as part of the city's redevelopment.