When was selcuk ergen born?

Matteo Wilderman asked a question: When was selcuk ergen born?
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❔ Is (selcuk) baskale?

Where is the town of Baskale in Turkey?

  • Başkale ( Kurdish: Elbak ‎, Armenian: Ադամակերտ Adamakert) is a town and district located in south-eastern Turkey in Van Province. There is one municipality in the Başkale district, the town centre, which was established 1937.

❔ Is (selcuk) catak?

Where is the town of Selcuk in Turkey?

  • Location of Selçuk within İzmir Province. Location of Selçuk within İzmir Province. /  37.950°N 27.367°E  / 37.950; 27.367 /  37.950°N 27.367°E  / 37.950; 27.367 Selçuk is the central town of Selçuk district, İzmir Province in Turkey, 2 kilometres (1 mile) northeast of the ancient city of Ephesus .

❔ Is (selcuk) karacasu?

Why is Selcuk the best place to visit in Turkey?

  • South of Izmir and just east of the coastal town of Kuşadası, Selçuk is visited mostly because of its close proximity to the ruins of the Roman city of Ephesus —some of the best preserved in the country—and the services the town has to offer, although the town centre itself has some historical sights to spend some time at.

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Selcuk Ergen was born on May 19, 1983, in Istanbul, Turkey.

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How much does it cost to go to selcuk?
  • Selcuk is a good starting place for many excursions and visits in the area. A major attraction is the Roman city of Ephesus which is located only 4km away from the center of the village. Entrance fee cost 40 TL per person (May 2017).
Is there a train from the airport to selcuk?
  • From the airport, you have two options for getting to Selçuk: you can take trains which call at the station directly on the airport grounds (4 TL), and which connect airport with Selçuk and points south six times daily (see "By train" below for a timetable).
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