When bucjs travel together?

Annabel Kessler asked a question: When bucjs travel together?
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  • These are groups of bucks that travel together during the spring and summer and generally follow the same movement schedule of bedding and feeding. Bachelor groups may contain bucks of many different ages, including yearlings. Bucks in an individual bachelor group are usually not related to each other.


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Ozoga concludes that wherever high fawning rates occur — when combined with insufficient doe harvests — the result can be social networks comprised mainly of younger age-class females that put enormous pressure on native browse communities. The ends result is forage depletion and redistribution of bucks across the landscape.

It's not uncommon but it really depends on what time/season of the year it is. I can tell you with certainty that this won't occur during their mating season, also known as the “rut". The mating season for Whitetail deer can start as early as late...

Bucks travel far and wide during the rut, often venturing miles outside their home range, running from one doe unit to the next. Once a mature buck finds a doe on the brink of estrus he dashes at her, often grunting and wheezing. Subdominant bucks may join the chase, but it is almost always the big boy that gets the doe.

These tips could help you pattern the mature, dominant buck in your area. Bucks will travel as far as it takes to find a receptive doe, often many miles during the peak of the rut – however, there are a few management factors to take into consideration when hunting the rut and figuring out just how far a buck will travel during it.

Bucks travel alone or band together in bachelor’s clubs for . Whitetails communicate with vocalizations and scents. For example, a buck trailing a doe in the rut might utter the “tending grunt.” She might bleat back. A buck rub-urinates in a scrape, peeing over his tarsal glands to lay down scent that might attract a doe or challenge another male.

There are a lot of circumstances that plays into how far a buck will travel when he changes home ranges. From summer to fall, a buck might be traveling due to crop harvest, changes in bedding, or hard mast. When it comes to a buck changing home ranges from fall to winter, a lot hinges on food.

The thing to remember is that if you’re hoping for a glimpse of a mature buck, this means increased opportunity. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to see young bucks survive the season, it means increased risk. All the more reason to form a QDM Cooperative with your neighbors. Regardless of weather, bucks move most at dawn and dusk. With the exception of one study from South Texas in the summer, numerous studies from Texas to Maryland suggest that weather has little or no influence on ...

During the months that mature bucks range together they often pair up with another buck of like personality within the group. These bucks are usually very tolerant of one another and exhibit this by the way they will gently groom each other.

Yearlings in particular, band together during summer, bucks seek fraternal group membership, and related females with their young form sizable groups during winter. Whitetails are social animals, and it’s important that they have compatible associates during most of the year.

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