What to do with your fish while on vacation?

Serenity Parisian asked a question: What to do with your fish while on vacation?
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  • Vacation fish blocks can help get you out of a tight spot if you need to go away suddenly, or when you can’t find a friend or neighbour to help feed your fish. Here are a few options you might consider if you think that holiday feeder blocks could work for you.

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What will you do with your fish while you're away? Fortunately, there are several easy options to feed your fish during holiday and vacation periods: you can find a fish sitter; use commercial vacation feeders available through your fish store; or you can purchase an automatic fish feeder, which can be used on a daily basis anyway.

Introducing clean water will help to remove toxins and lower the stress levels of your fish, which can help keep them healthy while you’re gone. It also means the tank water level will be at full strength at the start of your vacation, which will help manage evaporation.

Slow release fish food is perhaps one of the cheapest solutions to feeding your fish while on vacation – a pack will only set you back a few dollars. Simply toss a few blocks of food into your tank before you leave.

Here is a sample aquarium list of things you could ask your fish sitter to take care of: Feed the fish daily from that day's slot in the pill box - just that amount and no more please. Look at the temperature of the tank and if it's above 84 degrees F, call me.

If you choose to use vacation feeder blocks to feed your fish while you are on holiday, you will need a number of feeder blocks based on the number of fish you have, and vacation feeder blocks sized for the duration of your absence from the fish tank. What to Do When You Return to Your Aquarium. The first thing to do when you return home from your vacation is to remove any excess food or any remainder of any vacation food blocks from the fish tank so that it stops contributing to poor water ...

Are you planning on taking a vacation for a few days or a week? Do you have an aquarium and wonder how to feed your fish while on vacation? In this video, I ...

If you’re going to be on vacation for 2-4 days, it’s okay to fast your fish during that time-period. Some owners have left their fish unfed 2 weeks or more, but I wouldn’t recommend it. All bettas are different from their age, health, metabolisms, and environments so not all fish can fare as well left unattended.

If you are having someone watch your fish and know they are inexperienced with fish keeping, your best bet is to use Ziploc bags and put the amount they should feed each day in each bag. They can then just come in your house and dump that day’s bag into the tank.

Failing mechanical feeders make great choices and if you can’t get one of those then try adding some feeder fish to your tank. Lastly, if you really have to, try leaving your fish at a pet store or leave food blocks in your tank for them. Now that you know how to feed your betta while you’re on vacation you may think your jobs done.

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