What should i upgrade first in hotel empire tycoon?

Dorcas Dickens asked a question: What should i upgrade first in hotel empire tycoon?
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Increase Hotel Room Rent

Rents are on a per-room basis, so your first objective should to increase the per-hour charges of each room. To do this, start purchasing items, such as a bedside table, toilet, shower to increase rent.

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In addition to upgrading rooms, you should also consider spending on facilities such as parking spots. Visitors need a safe spot for parking their vehicles and will pay you hourly for good parking services. 4. Electricity is Paramount! Electricity in Hotel Empire Tycoon is one of the most important resources in the game.

Some items in all rooms, such as “additional items”, television and climate control require a certain amount of energy (electricity) first before they can be further upgraded. if you have maximum electricity, then you should start upgrading these items until you reach the max upgrade level.

Every hotel has an electrical room with a power generator and batteries. Upgrade them to increase the electricity supply so you can buy more power-consuming items. If your power indicator shows something like 40/40, that means that your counter is full and it needs to be upgraded.

Nightstands don't count because you cannot upgrade them - they're a one-time-purchase. Of course, this all depends on the level of your current items and what room you're trying to upgrade. As a rule of thumb, the main items in a room are also the most profitable. That would be the Hotel Empire Tycoon tip No.3.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats & Tips⇓. In the game, your goal is to unlock all the hotels and raise their rating from 0 to 5 – and, to accomplish this goal, you need to add rooms, upgrade them, and also add/upgrade other facilities such as bar, restaurant, ski, spa, suit, electrical room, etc. The visitors head to your hotel through vehicles and if ...

Tap the sign to see the upgrade options. Remember the Power As your hotel expands and upgrades are done your hotel will require more power to keep it running smoothly. When you run out of power you won't be able to add anything further. Make sure to also upgrade the generators etc to keep the power running. Ads boost your progress

Download the Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game APK here. 1. Before You Get to Work, Completely Fill up the VIP Campaign Meter and Turn on the Social Networks Advertising Campaign

For example, the room has several facilities for improvement. It is recommended that you first buy or improve everything up to 1000 credits, then make improvements to 2000 credits (so that the cost of your next purchase exceeds 2000 units). Hotel Empire Tycoon: Staff Guide. Any improvement in rooms and objects leads to the fact that income rises.

As you build more rooms in Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will have to keep them spick and span by hiring an extra housekeeper. Normally, two housekeepers are more than enough for 5 rooms. If you have more rooms you will not only need more housekeepers, but also have to upgrade key items, such as Cleaning Products and the vacuum cleaner.

When you open the hotel, make sure both rooms are at 1 for all items. Add a table to level 4 and upgrade a couple items in th restaurant. Add a parking spot and update front desk deco. No need more multi tables, phones, computers yet as you only have 2 rooms. Now wait.

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