What has happened to laguna hotel?

Chase Kautzer asked a question: What has happened to laguna hotel?
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The hotel — known by its red and white striped awning — has been closed since 2017 when its last operator's lease ran out. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in Laguna Beach. The hotel was initially constructed in the 1880s before it was demolished due to fire concerns in 1928.


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  • Hotel Laguna’s owners announced Thursday that they’re planning to reopen the restaurant and bar to the public in early 2021. This restaurant concept will be a partnership with Michelin star-winning Chef Craig Strong.

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The early hotel was built by settler Joseph Yochs. Hotel Laguna, anchoring the south crescent of the town’s Main Beach, has deep roots in downtown, dating back to 1888. The current building, with Spanish-style arches and a bell tower, was rebuilt in 1930 and lured a prestige clientele, such as Errol Flynn.

Hotel Laguna, which originated in the 1880s and was rebuilt in its current form in 1930, has been closed for the past year.

The last guests of the historic Hotel Laguna turned in their room keys and its longtime operator turned over the property last week to the landlord, but much else about the iconic downtown property remains uncertain. A lone guest keeps a light on at Hotel Laguna in the last weeks of operation by the Andersen family. Photo by Mitch Ridder.

The iconic, scenic Hotel Laguna appears to be closing soon, at least for now A view from the beach of the Hotel Laguna, Built in the 1930’s, sits on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Laguna...

Hotel Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA. 33,699 likes · 11 talking about this · 38,989 were here. In the heart of downtown Laguna Beach, historical Hotel Laguna sits right on the sand of the famed Southern...

From 1929 onward, the hotel’s lounge has been a retreat for local artists, a first class accommodation for those visiting the Laguna Beach area, and a premier location to conduct business and social events. Hollywood notables were drawn to the hotel for its welcome atmosphere and its magnificent views of the California coastline. Many stayed at the hotel while making films in the area including such classics as “Evangeline” and “All’s Quiet on the Western Front” in 1929 and 1930 ...

The famed Hotel Laguna is likely to close at the end of the year when its lease expires, the hotel’s attorney said Tuesday. The news comes as Andersen Hotels Inc., which operates the hotel, has ...

Hotel Laguna closed Dec. 31, 2017 as a result of litigation between its then-operator, Andersen Hotels, and E.W. Merritt Farms, a Central California family operation that owns the property. The...

The famed Hotel Laguna closed its doors to overnight guests on Dec. 31, but three businesses on the property remain open as a legal battle continues between the hotel’s former operator and the ...

Set against the scenic backdrop of the Grand-Port mountain range, the Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa is a gem in its kind; a postcard beauty with a real soul: Tropical architecture, pristine beach and the transparency of an exquisite lagoon.The Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa is located in Grand River South East, along the South East coast of the island and 30 mins drive from the airport.To discover Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa, you will have to drive through Camp des Pêcheurs (Fisherman's Cove).

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