What do i need to know about travel to egypt?

Roxane Rath asked a question: What do i need to know about travel to egypt?
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What are the best things to do in Egypt?

  • Diving and Snorkeling. One of the most exciting things to do in Egypt is to go diving and snorkeling in the coastal waters. The best places for these Egypt activities are in the Red Sea and in the Gulf of Aqaba ; Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular destination for visitors who are attracted to the sea.

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Now, let’s get into the niggity gritty of the everyday realities of travelling in Egypt. Top 24 Egypt Travel Tips You Should Know Before You Visit Egypt Health 1. Water. The tap water in Egypt is heavily chlorinated and tastes terrible. It’s okay for brushing your teeth with, but don’t drink it. Especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

If you are traveling to Egypt on a group or private tour, the tour organizers will also take care of this for you. 12. Don’t drink the tap water. This is one of the first things your tour guide will tell you about traveling around Egypt.

One more tip: forget about credit cards in Egypt. The majority of services are paid in cash, so make sure you always have some on you. ATMs are everywhere so this shouldn’t be a problem for a wandering tourist. Withdraw as much as your bank will allow you because even if you find a credit card machine somewhere it’s probably out of order.

Most visitors to Egypt will need a Visa. If you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Russia, and a handful of other countries, you can obtain a Visa on Arrival at the airport.

Egypt is a country where cash is still king, so you’ll need cash for most small purchases and even some large ones. You can pay for your hotel room and some large purchases in stores with a credit...

Egypt is full of big hitters: the Pyramids at Giza, sensational museums and cafe culture in Cairo, not to mention some of the finest diving in the world in the Red Sea. Explore the desert through...

U.S. citizen women married to Egyptians do not need their spouse's permission to depart Egypt as long as they have a valid Egyptian visa or valid Egyptian passport. A U.S. citizen departing Egypt with a dual-national child (U.S.-Egyptian) may be required by Egyptian immigration officers at the airport to demonstrate that they have proof of consent of the non-traveling Egyptian parent.

As a safety measure, overseas visitors traveling to Egypt during the pandemic must present a printed negative PCR test certificate on arrival. The test must be based on a nasal or oral swab and the certificate issued by an approved laboratory. Certificates are accepted in Arabic or English.

Before traveling to Cairo, foreign citizens should first check the documents needed to travel to Egypt, as the majority of passport holders are required to obtain a visa in order to enter the country.

As of September 1st, 2020, travelers from ALL countries traveling to ANY part of Egypt must have proof of a negative PCR test certificate for COVID-19 performed no more than 72 hours before departure of the last direct flight to Egypt. Test results must be presented in paper format only. Digital copies will not be accepted.

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