What do brides wear for mehndi?

Lelah Swift asked a question: What do brides wear for mehndi?
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Trending mayon mehendi bridals makeup looks outfits designs

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As for the mehendi outfits for the bride, there are several styles you can pick out apart from the traditional lehengas. While lehengas are the iconic and go-to choices for mehendi functions, you can also try experimenting with shararas, jumpsuits, colorful indo western outfits and even gowns & sarees!

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Indian wedding sangeet & mehendi shopping for the bride

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What should I wear? The Mehndi party is often all about bright colors and hues of green, orange, yellow, and pink.

If you are one of the daring kinds, you can easily wear a slit skirt and combine it with an Indian choli or blouse. Again the slit skirt makes it easier for the mehendi artists to make their designs since most of the brides have mehendi way up to their knees.

On mehndi night, the bride does not put too much makeup, but she shows her natural beauty. Girls often wear jewelry made of flowers. Some girls also wear bangles and khussa with their traditional wear for extra charm, and with these traditional accessories, they look elegant yet modern.

Go Indo-Western by wearing a shirt with a contrasting long skirt! Dhanika Choksi Photography. If you cannot stand the heat and are wondering what to wear to a Mehndi party during the summer months, then an indo-western outfit can be a great choice for you. You can choose a brightly coloured long Kurta or a formal shirt with patterns or embroidery to keep it looking dressy enough for the function.

What do brides wear for Mehndi Function? 1. Raw Pose! Image Source: Anavi Kalia. It’s not always good to be looked upon as a shy girl. Sometimes brides also want an exposure in their photos. So try this pose. Wear something with short sleeves so that mehndi can be applied properly. Wear glares and show your swag in your pictures. Smile broadly in photos.

Credit: High Q Fashion In short, it is the day for bride’s bridesmaids and guests also to shine. Tip: As this function is all about getting your hands and feet tattooed with henna for which you might be sitting for quite a long time, it’s advisable that you wear something really comfortable and light as opposed to being over-the-top.

Mehndi became very popular with the rich & poor as it signified positive spirits and good luck. Today, Henna is mainly applied during celebrations of special occasions such as weddings & festivals. The night before the wedding, The Mehndi ceremony is organized by the Bride’s family.

9 Stylish Color Dresses to Wear for Mehndi Function 1. Yellow with Pink Mehndi Dress for Bride: Save Yellow is the most auspicious colour for all occasions. Colour of the... 2. Green Color Pakistani Mehndi Dresses: This is one of famous colour shade which gives a stunning look for the bride in... 3…

The color itself resembles the color of mehndi. If you’re a fan of foil mirror work and indo-western designs, this is the lehenga for you. The off-shoulder blouse gives a perfect touch of modernity with a very flared lehenga skirt which would make sure you dance as good as you look at the ceremony.

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