What are the air canada employee travel codes?

Lacy Thiel asked a question: What are the air canada employee travel codes?
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  • Air Canada’s Go AC Family travel program provides you and your eligible family members with access to confirmed travel anywhere Air Canada flies at a 20% discount off market retail prices. Each employee can create up to twenty (20) Promotion Codes which can be applied to any one-way or round-trip fare for an individual or a group of up to 6 people.

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If you know which promotion code you would like to use, then you can input the code directly into the booking search engine on the AirCanada website. The booking search engine is located at the top of the homepage, and this section has a big box titled "PROMOTION CODE" where you can enter your code before you enter your destination. About AirCanada

The Promotion Code is the electronic identification number issued upon acceptance by your Organization of these Terms and Conditions and Air Canada’s acceptance of your organization's request for Meetings and Events Travel Services pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, which allows Eligible Passengers to receive Discounts. In order to take advantage of the discounted fares, Eligible Passengers must book their flight at aircanada.com and enter the Promotion Code in the applicable box. If ...

May 24th, 2014 4:50 pm. I'm the son of an AC employee. You get a certain number of passes you're allowed to use per year (I think its 10 segments) as family members. If you travel with him you get higher priority and also unlimited passes. These are stand by passes and lower priority than staff members.

Flights operated by one of Air Canada’s codeshare partners still bear Air Canada’s designator code (AC). The name of the codeshare carrier is displayed along with the other flight details once you select a fare. In the example above, Flight AC9320 is operated by Lufthansa.

You have to include reasonable travel allowances in the income of employees, other than a salesperson or member of the clergy, who travel to perform the duties of the office or employment, unless the allowances are received by the employee for travelling away from the municipality and the metropolitan area where the employer's establishment is located and where the employee ordinarily works or reports.

Travel Advisories! - Check before you plan your get-away! Please see the Consular Affairs -Information and Assistance for Canadians Abroad Air Canada Links Air Canada-Main Page Aeronet Portal AC Retiree's Travel Site Star Alliance

Active Air Canada employees with Portal Access must login to acaeronet.aircanada.ca and click the Employee Travel icon from the My News tab. If you do not have access to the Portal, please proceed with signing-in on this page. Les employés actifs d'Air Canada ayant accés au portail doivent ouvrir une session dans acaeronet.aircanada.ca puis cliquer sur l'icône des Facilités de transport ...

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COVID-19: Travel, testing, quarantine and borders August 9, 2021: Border changes Fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be allowed to enter Canada for discretionary travel on the following dates if they meet specific criteria:

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