Virginia ez pass when towing a travel trailer?

Cecil Prohaska asked a question: Virginia ez pass when towing a travel trailer?
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  • Non-permitted vehicles on the Express Lanes include any vehicles with greater than 2 axles and vehicles towing trailers or boats. All Express Lanes customers must travel with an E-ZPass® at all times. The Express Lanes don’t have toll booths, meaning that there isn’t an option to pay cash on the Express Lanes.

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Nor'easters Club. Join Date: Nov 2009. Location: Rochester, NY. Posts: 340. Call EZ-Pass and tell them that you will be towing a trailer when you travel on the toll roads. They will send you a blue window tag that is to be used when towing. That way they can charge the correct rate for a car & trailer.

The E-ZPass Flex is a switchable E-ZPass transponder that will let you take advantage of toll-free travel on the 64, 66, 95, 395, and 495 Express Lanes in Virginia. The E-ZPass Flex will work on any toll facility where E-ZPass is accepted.

I'm pretty confused about how EZ Pass works while towing across state lines. I've only ever used an EZ Pass with a trailer in Virginia. Virginia says you need a separate transponder for that, no if, ands, or buts.

EZ PASS and towing. Thread starter Mark R. Start date May 28, 2009; The friendliest place on the web for anyone with an RV or an interest in RVing! If you have answers, please help by responding to the unanswered posts. See posts with no answers. May 28, 2009 #1 Mark R. Well-known member. Joined Jan 4, 2007 Posts 735 Location upstate, NY. I have EZ PASS and thought I had to stop at bridge toll ...

However, by establishing a prepaid toll balance on your account, West Virginia E-ZPass customers of the Single Fee Discount Plan can use their West Virginia E-ZPass transponder on the West Virginia Turnpike when towing or driving a motor home and receive a 35% discount off the cash rate.

Glossary. Forms/Agreement. Contact. PAY ONLINE NOW ORDER NOW. ORDER NOW. LOGIN. Another option for cash-paying customers. Now accepting cash to replenish your E-ZPass. at these participating locations:

Customers traveling with an E-ZPass® Flex will have the ability to travel in: HOV mode (100% discount) when traveling with 3 people in the vehicle; or Toll mode when traveling with less than 3 people in the vehicle. Customers must set their E-ZPass® Flex to either HOV mode or Toll mode prior to entering the Express Lanes.

The EZ Pass MD vs CASH/Non-MD EZ PASS is the discount pricing. If you are towing a trailer, you do not get the MD EZ Pass discounted rate; you pay the cash or out of state EZ Pass rate. Every time we go through an EZ Pass lane, we are charged the 4 axle price, regardless if it is manned or not. The non-manned lanes are almost always faster so ...

If the traveler is simply passing through the region and does not live or travel through Virginia and Maryland on a regular basis, then it would make more sense to use a standard E-ZPass. You will...

My rig’s over 20,000 pounds so I need a commercial EZ Pass account. And I will be towing a. Free 7 Day Trial RV ... I have a single Virginia EZ pass that includes pulling the toad. Did not bother getting one for the toad. _____ Jim & Susan -2018 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35K CHF/SafeTPlus/UltraTrac Trac Bar/Blue Ox/InvisiBrake Jeep Wrangler 05-08-2018, 05:24 PM #8: Mason Dixon. Senior ...

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