Vermont vacation where to go autumn?

Murl Schulist asked a question: Vermont vacation where to go autumn?
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10 Of The Most Beautiful Fall Destinations In Vermont

  • Quechee Gorge (Hartford)
  • Peacham
  • Lake Willoughby (Westmore)
  • The Notch Road -- VT Route 108 (Jeffersonville)
  • View of Kettle Pond from Owl's Head Lookout (Groton)
  • Sharon
  • South Woodstock
  • Stowe
  • Champlain Islands
  • Lye Brook Falls (Manchester Center)

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Located in the Northeast Kingdom, Lake Willoughby is one of the most breathtaking places in Vermont, and during autumn the vistas from the lake are magnificent, full of swaths of red and orange. 4. The Notch Road -- VT Route 108 (Jeffersonville)

Stowe is the most obvious of places to visit in Vermont in fall—but there are so many good reasons why Stowe should be on your list this fall. Not only do you have Main Street and the lower part of Route 108 lined with local shops and places to eat, you can also explore scenery and hiking trails in The Notch .

Change Is In The Air. The beauty and splendor of a Vermont autumn has attained mythical status when it comes to sightseeing, atmosphere and must-do adventures. With forests covering three-quarters of our state, and the highest percentage of vibrant maple trees in the country, Vermont explodes with colors once the leaves start to turn.

But there's way more to do in the Green Mountain State during autumn than looking at leaves. From apple orchard adventures and farm stays to craft-beer trails and sugarhouses, discover 10 activities and itinerary ideas for the perfect fall getaway in Vermont. Go Apple Picking (and Win)

If you are visiting southern Vermont, the Lake Champlain Valley, or the Connecticut River Valley for Vermont foliage, I would suggest coming during the first or second week of October. Mother Nature doesn’t follow a strict calendar, so there are variations in Vermont fall foliage colors that will depend on temperatures and rainfall.

8 Best Places to Stay in Vermont This Fall Windham Hill Inn (West Townshend). At this rustic yet refined retreat, you can get outdoors, dine well, disconnect from... Rabbit Hill Inn (Lower Waterford). If you're looking for a cozy hideaway for your fall foliage vacation in Vermont's... Wilburton Inn ...

Mad River Valley. Vermont Fall Foliage. Credit: Getty Images/Photononstop RM. What to do: Explore the wild slopes of the Mad River Valley on foot (Vermont’s Long Trail runs along the nearby ...

Regardless of when you visit, Vermont has attractions and destinations in spades in all four seasons.Want to play outside? Many of the ski resorts that dot the Green Mountain State have tons to offer (yes, even in spring, summer and fall – ever been ziplining, or adventured in the treetops?)

Stowe, Vermont’s winter playground, is a picturesque mountain retreat that looks like a scene from a Christmas card. Combined with the magnificence of Mount Mansfield, it’s easy to see why it’s been dubbed the ski capital of the East. Over 20 feet of annual snowfall allow visitors to ski and snowboard November through April.

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