Vacation where you can take your dog?

Emie Kuhic asked a question: Vacation where you can take your dog?
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  • Many people are surprised to learn that Grand Canyon National Park, located in Northern Arizona, is a vacation spot that allows dogs. As Burkert explains, the South Rim is your best bet if you're bringing your furry friend.

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Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations in the Midwest Chicago, Illinois. She suggests checking out the trails along Lake Michigan and exploring Navy Pier, as just a few... Grand Haven, Michigan. Grand Haven is a picturesque town on Michigan's West Coast loved by tourists and their dog... Indianapolis, ...

20 Perfect Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots Across America Wilmington, NC. A historic city by the beach, consider Wilmington for a fun-filled and pet-friendly vacation. You and... Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico’s oldest city in the heart of the southwest, Albuquerque is a dog-friendly getaway with tons..…

Most Dog-friendly Vacation Destinations in the US San Diego, California. If you’ve never seen the tail-wagging, tongue-flying excitement that occurs when a pup sees Dog... Austin, Texas. You take man’s best friend everywhere, and Austin should be no exception. Home to backyard bars and... Key Largo, ...

Bringing your dog to a warm beach is an activity you’ll both appreciate, and St. Petersburg is close to some of the best beaches in the world, including the Dog Beach and Paw Playground at Fort De Soto State Park. This beautiful beach is a great place for dogs to run and play in the surf, all off-leash, of course.

Enclosed by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and the North European Plain, this Atlantic Sea is the perfect exotic destination for you and your dog. 35. Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. One of the few places in the world where you can act like that crazy dog person, and still not be the craziest person there.

Boarding kennels or Pet resorts are places where you can leave your dog overnight, for a couple of days, or even for a longer period of time at some places. Your vet may offer boarding services so make sure you check with your vet first since your dog is probably comfortable with the vet and his staff.

Boarding your dog at a kennel is a good choice if your dog is friendly and sociable. Dogs can readily adapt to staying at a kennel, especially if they were introduced to it at a young age. It's a good idea, though, to leave him for short periods, such as weekends, before leaving him for a longer trip. Finding a good kennel

France is probably one of the most dog-friendly countries to visit. You want to steer away from Paris — or any big cities for that matter — and explore the countryside. Many villas and restaurants welcome well-behaved canines, so it’s just a matter of finding the right destination and making the most of it!

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