Vacation or pto which is better?

Kamryn Ward asked a question: Vacation or pto which is better?
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  • When comparing PTO and vacation time, PTO is the more streamlined plan. It is easier for the company to keep track of the PTO days because all days off are counted in the same way. If a company provides vacation time and sick time, the manager will have to keep records of the different hours for sick, personal and vacation days.


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An SHRM survey found that eight to 22 days was the average amount of vacation time companies offer. The primary advantage of having separate vacation and sick-time policies is that in most states you don't have to pay an employee for unused sick time when they leave the company, unlike PTO policies that require payment for all time accrued.

So which is better PTO or vacation time? The honest answer is that it depends on the organization. For some companies, PTO is definitely the best option, while for others it’s more advantageous to stick with separate sick and vacation time.

Paid time off — or PTO — is a combination of vacation and sick time. If you terminate an employee and he or she has 40 hours of PTO accrued, you must pay it all on separation. So what policy is best? There are a lot of different ways to work this out. Many think PTO is the way to go. PTO is by far the easiest to manage.

The essential difference between the two is that PTO covers any paid time away from work where the employee is not working; in contrast, vacation time refers to paid time off that’s taken for the employee to take a break with or without their family. It’s generally requested (and approved) in advance.

Compared to a traditional time-off policy with multiple categories of hours, such as vacation and sick time, it is easier to use a PTO bank that contains all accrued hours in one place. These policies combine vacation time, sick time and personal time, which reduces your need to offer a reason for your time off.

Tending to see the entire PTO as vacation time, people more often turn up to work while being sick, which affects their coworkers and causes productivity decrease. What’s more, with a single PTO bank policy, the employer can owe an employee a significant amount of money for unused PTO in case of termination – this depends on the law requirements and company’s policies.

Transitioning from a Sick/Vacation plan to a PTO has its complications, but proper planning and communication will ensure its success. On the other hand, due to mandatory paid sick leave laws, many organizations are considering moving away from PTO back to a Sick/Vacation plan. Fifteen states and The District of Columbia require paid sick leave.

A: Instead of having separate policies for vacation, sick, and other types of leave, many employers offer a single PTO policy under which employees can use accrued time off for any purpose. For example, you may offer 14 days of PTO per year that employees can use for any reason.

If both employees take three weeks of PTO, the manager of the female employee will likely apply a different standard for "reasonable vacation use" than the manager of the male employee, resulting in a substantially heightened risk of a claim of discrimination.

In practice, employees tend to view PTO like vacation days, which means they may take more time off than they would with separate systems. With separate vacation and sick days, often the sick days are left untaken if the employee does not fall ill.

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Companies that offer PTO plans are generally more attractive to prospective employees. Paid-time-off policies increase the number of paid days off compared to vacation time, especially when honoring all holidays, because most healthy employees don't need to take a lot of sick days.

Is pto or vacation better?

Companies that offer PTO plans are generally more attractive to prospective employees. Paid-time-off policies increase the number of paid days off compared to vacation time, especially when honoring all holidays, because most healthy employees don't need to take a lot of sick days.

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Companies that offer PTO plans are generally more attractive to prospective employees. Paid-time-off policies increase the number of paid days off compared to vacation time, especially when honoring all holidays, because most healthy employees don't need to take a lot of sick days.

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