Vacation for 2 weeks where to keep cat?

Presley Trantow asked a question: Vacation for 2 weeks where to keep cat?
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  • You can arrange to have your cat stay in a boarding facility. This may be an option for some cats. For others, however, it may be too stressful. If there is no other option, try to locate a boarding facility where your cat will be housed away from dogs. A nice large confinement area is preferred.

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Offer to pay them or at least return the favor. Your cat will be more comfortable staying at home, as long as there’s someone to keep them company and healthy (mentally and physically). 3. Give your cat 1-2 new toys. Cats get bored with their old toys. Just like dogs. Just like us!

12. Leave your blinds up in most rooms. This will allow your cat to look outdoors throughout the day and provide plenty of excellent amusement opportunities – as well as sunshine to nap in – while you’re away on your vacation. 13. Leave a few lights on. This can include small lights, like those in the hallway and bathroom.

On the 1st visit, it may be best to leave your cat in the cat carrier for the first 20 or 30 minutes, giving her time to relax a bit from the journey & adjust to being somewhere different. It provides her with a secure space where she can check out her surroundings, & it gives the cats a chance to check each other out in a controlled environemnt.

What To Do with Cats When You Go On Vacation Vacations, travelling, and leaving home for whatever reason, forces cat owners to choose how their cats will be taken care of while the owner is gone. The main choices are: >>Take the cat with you (not usually the best option) >>Board the cat at the…

Where to leave my cat when I go on vacation. If your cat is outgoing, very sociable and adapts easily to other environments, you have a third option. You can leave your cat at a cat-care residence/ feline hostel. In addition to having the constant attention it needs, it will also be able to interact with other cats.

Going on vacation? Never leave your cat home alone when you go away for more than 1-2 days. It's best to hire a pet sitter or board your cat. Here's why.

In most cases, it should be fine to leave your cat at home when you leave home. As long as you have someone that you trust to come in and check on them once in a while. If you don’t want your cat to spend the days by themselves, you may want to consider boarding them at a facility that can provide them great care.

If you are traveling for a week ... While you’re driving or flying to your vacation destination, feed your cat only in the evenings, ... keep the cat carrier closed and secure at all times.

If your cat requires special care due to medical problems, consider boarding your cat at the vet's when you travel. Good boarding kennels can handle most routine support for cats with special needs, too. Consider your cat's overall comfort, the quality of care and attention he'll receive, and how long he'll be boarded.

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