Things to bring when travelling to manila?

Johanna Spencer asked a question: Things to bring when travelling to manila?
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Men's and Women's Philipines Packing Checklist: Clothes

  • 2 pairs of shorts Men / Women.
  • 4 tank tops Men / Women.
  • 3 t-shirts Men / Women.
  • 2-3 light dresses.
  • 2 kimonos for going over tanks or swimsuits.
  • 1 pair of pants (linen or light material) Men / Women.
  • 1 sarong.
  • 1 light rain jacket Women / Men.

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The last thing that you wanted is to get sick when traveling. Where to buy: Ask your doctor or check the nearest drug store 5. Swimwear I always pack a pair of swimwear whenever I travel (for business or leisure) even if swimming is not part of the itinerary. Who knows, the place where you are staying might have a nice pool, or near an exotic beach.

     Bring a mask, alcohol, sanitizer, and, if possible, a face shield.

Best Time to Go to Manila Holiday Season | September to December. The best months to go to Manila is during the -ber months of September, October,... Dry Season | January to April. If you have a lot of outdoor destinations included in your Manila itinerary, it's best to... Climate and Weather…

When flying to Manila, your arsenal should include a hand fan or a portable mini electric fan, and an umbrella. An umbrella is a uuuuuuuuge necessity (insert Trump GIF here) since the sun can burn the hell out of you, and the rain can be so mean and disrespectful to your belongings. Honestly, the weather in Manila is as moody as a PMS-ing woman.

It’s best to bring a few packs of tissue paper and other cooling materials such as wet wipes just in case you need to wipe some sweat off and stay fresh throughout the day. Filipinos can also be sensitive to body odor so make sure to pack deodorant and take showers regularly.

3) DON’T PACK too many clothes – You’ll be carrying everything on your back so make things easier for yourself and pack light. Packing cubes will be a great help to stop you from overpacking. 4) DON’T TAKE anything valuable – Theft does happen so leave your nice jewelry at home where it will be safe.

Avoid short skirts, mid-riff shirts and tube tops. It’s better to pack sundresses, t-shirts, shorts and pants. Here is a quick summary of what to pack for 2 weeks in the Philippines or more, regarding clothes. 2-3 shirts. 4-5 tops. 1-2 singlets. 3-4 pairs of underwear. 1-2 dresses (women) 1-2 pairs of shorts.

Be sure to bring the original documents along with you while traveling. 7. Traze Contact Tracing App. Another important thing to do in your byaheng Manila adventure is to download Traze Contact Tracing App on your smart phone before you arrive at the airport. This app is mandatory for travelers.

Once you arrive in Manila airports, take advantage of the free SIM cards given by the Philippines' major telecommunications companies: Globe and Smart. You can top up your credit in convenience stores like 7-Eleven all over the country.

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