The sinking city how to fast travel xbox?

Isaias Bergnaum asked a question: The sinking city how to fast travel xbox?
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  • To fast-travel in The Sinking City, players need to find telephone booths that can be found all around the city, marked on the compass by a star. Once players get close enough to one of these phone booths, they will unlock it as a fast-travel point. These phone booths are also where The Sinking City players will respawn after dying.

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Watch the compass at the top of the screen as you walk around. Any time you see a compass rose icon, there’s a fast travel phone booth nearby. It’s almost always worth a brief detour to unlock it.

The first thing you have to do to find the fast travel phone booth in The Sinking City, will be to cross the city after you finish the port and start in the open world, this will first unlock the fast-travel phone booths, once If you have unlocked them, go first to Oakmont archive sites trying not to get lost, then you can go to the Expedition headquarters.

The Sinking City Guide is a compendium of knowledge about this atmospheric adventure game. From our publication you will learn how to solve all main and side cases, where to find evidence and how to quickly travel around the city. The unofficial guide to The Sinking City features a complete set of information required for understanding the most ...

The Sinking City: How to Fast Travel. For those playing through the recently-released Lovecraftian horror/detective game The Sinking City, here is how to unlock and use fast-travel points.

Keep an eye on the compass and whenever it becomes a rose icon it is to indicate that there is a fast travel phone booth nearby. More often than not is is worth taking a detour to unlock fast travel point which is achieved by heading towards the phone booth until its name appears on your screen.

If the location’s in an open area, you might have to save and load the game or fast travel. This is something that will truly break your immersion while playing The Sinking City.

The Sinking City now has an Xbox Series X|S-only version available for purchase. What you need to know The Sinking City is an excellent horror-esque narrative-heavy game that has been mired in ...

You can travel by foot or by boat, and as you find telephone booths in each locale you can begin to fast travel between them. Variety between the areas is not very distinct, but that’s kind of understandable given the tremendous, and ongoing, amount of flooding that’s been occurring here.

Aim for the "tanks" at the back of their bodies to defeat them faster. As for fights with large groups of monsters or with stronger enemies, use grenades, a shotgun and a rifle. Examine the corpse of the KKK member at the stairs. Defeat other monsters in the basement and examine the locker with a loot.

Welcome to Neoseeker's The Sinking City walkthrough and guide. This guide covers all aspects of The Sinking City including the main story and achievements/trophies. This guide is written as a wiki ...

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