Should i take a hair dryer travelling?

Coralie Raynor asked a question: Should i take a hair dryer travelling?
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Hair dryers are big and bulky. Even a travel-sized one takes up unnecessary space in your luggage. Leave it at home so you'll have room for more important things, and hopefully you'll be able to travel carry-on only… Read more about taking your hair dryer, hair straightener, or curling iron on a plane.

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You can bring a regular hairdryer on a plane. That’s the simple answer. You can pack it inside your checked baggage or inside your carry on bag as hand luggage. Here are the helpful folks at both Delta and the TSA confirming it on Twitter. You can also check the relevant section of the TSA website here.

BaBylisspro Nano Titanium Travel Dryer . Is it okay to use you hair dryer when traveling abroad? Having the right voltage is crucial when you use electronics abroad including your hair tools. Because blow dryers and flat irons (straighteners) require a large amount of power, you need to look for products with dual voltage options.

A hair dryer isn’t the only extra item to pack when heading off on holiday this summer — experts have also suggested bringing a cheap doorstop when sleeping at a hotel, to stop unwanted intruders from breaking and entering.

So depending on your comfort with these odds, you might bring a travel dryer or just buy one in Europe if you need it. Instead of a dryer, I brought a tiny travel hair iron that I bought at KMart. I'd let my hair air dry, then take care of the stray curls and flips with the iron.

In many countries you’ll be visiting, the heat and humidity will render the whole process of straightening useless.. Once you step out of the nicely air conditioned hotel/hostel your hair will turn to frizz. 5. Extra Room. Your straighteners will take up extra room and add to the weight of your backpack.

I, too, NEED my hair dryer. The hotel ones never work on my hair (tons of natural curls and thick beyond belief!!) as it takes a long time to dry. I believe my travel dryer is dual, but I have to ...

Swapping your regular hair dryer for a travel sized one. Blow dryers take up way too much space in your bag and they shouldn’t considering they’re only used once a day—at most. Instead look for one that’s foldable or small enough to slide into any compartment of your bag, but still has the power of a regular blow dryer.

Also worth noting that your domestic hair dryer might not be suitable for travel and you risk potential damage in your suitcase. [5] [. AD] Warning: If your hair dryer won't handle 230 volts you run the risk of damage to your hair dryer, an electrical fire hazard or blowing a fuse.

A travel hairdryer, sometimes also referred to as a portable blow dryer, is a must-have for those who travel regularly. A small hairdryer is also much more lightweight compared to regular blow dryers, and therefore reduces your weight allowance when you’re flying.

The good news is that even though diffusers and combs aren’t very common attachments, usually the best hair dryers for travel will include a concentrator. 2. Settings. While travel hair dryers can be limited to only a couple heat and speed settings, the best travel hair dryers will still get the job done well.

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