Remnant from the ashes can you fast travel to dungeons?

Larue Buckridge asked a question: Remnant from the ashes can you fast travel to dungeons?
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Yeah, small checkpoint crystals you can't directly travel to, only via "Last checkpoint" option. However, if you used the crystal to travel elsewhere, you'll have to go through the dungeon again.

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The final planet in Remnant is filled with lush jungle. Within this lush jungle there is a total of five named locations you can fast travel to. These locations are: The Verdant Strand. Ruins. Scalding Glade. Pan Flautist. Founder’s Prison. That concludes our brief look at all travel destinations in Remnant: From the Ashes.

You can either Return to Ward 13 or Leave Dungeon, but you can't travel to other World Stone (except the one in Ward 13, of course). Return to Ward 13 is exactly what you think it is, fast travel...

Remnant: From the Ashes is a procedurally generated shooter that emphasizes multiple playthroughs. Each new roll of the campaign results in a new set of dungeons for players to explore on each world. To help you keep track of each dungeon I am putting together lists of each planet’s dungeons. Check out the our Earth dungeons list below.

The Resium planet has a number of dungeon and hub areas. The complete list of the Resium fast travel locations during the campaign is as follows: Drolniir Woods. The Silent Snow. Crimson Hold. Deepfrost Expanse. Chillwind Hovel. These are all of the fast travel locations I encountered during my Subject 2923 playthrough.

When you use the last checkpoint option, you go back to the last checkpoint you used in a dungeon. The only crystals you can select manually are the big ones. If it's a small one, it's temporary and not meant for travel. That's why you need to always rest at any checkpoint, just in case you go back to Ward 13 and wanna keep going by using "go to last checkpoint used"

Dungeons whose names are not linked are generic and are described quite well in the corresponding dungeon type page. Many dungeons act as connectors between two areas. When this is the case, the following table lists the area you can expect to find at the end of the dungeon. Reward dungeons don't lead anywhere--just loot and leave.

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After you explore the dungeons on Earth, you will jump through a portal and end up in on Rohm.This desert planet is home to a number of new dungeons for you to explore and bosses to face off against. Like other planets, Rohm features a number of procedurally generated dungeons. To help you track them all, use our Rohm dungeons list below.

Remnant: From the Ashes | How World Re-roll Works, Map Navigation & Why To Use It - YouTube. Remnant: From the Ashes | How World Re-roll Works, Map Navigation & Why To Use It. Watch later. Share ...

You can also play online to grind, that way you don't lose your checkpoint in singleplayer. The only time you really need leave dungeon is when you get the special dungeons that spawn that have no exit. These would be dungeons like the monkey key on earth, the glowing rod armor dungeon on rhom, etc. These ones have no boss and have no circle ...

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