Reasons why an airline give travel vouchers?

Neil Parker asked a question: Reasons why an airline give travel vouchers?
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  • Meal vouchers should be provided by the airline when your flight is delayed, or when it is canceled and you have to wait to be rebooked on another flight. Alternatively, the airline must provide a meal and refreshments. The amount of the voucher is supposed to be proportionate to the length of the delay.

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"From a high level, cash is better than a voucher because you can't pay for groceries with an American Airlines gift card," says Scott Keyes of Scott's Cheap Flights. "If you had a $500 ticket, and...

As the carriers scramble to stay in business, you’ll find more and more of them offering travel vouchers in exchange for canceled flights. This way the airline can keep your money and just reschedule your flight for later on. But if your flight is canceled by the airline — no matter the cause — you’re eligible for a full refund.

Many airlines, however, try to obligate customers into either rebooking their flights for another date, or accepting a travel voucher, or airline account credit in lieu of a cash refund. If your airline does not offer a refund option, this is no way means that refunds are not a possibility, on the contrary, it is your right as confirmed by the ...

When a flight is oversold, an airline almost always resorts to offering travel vouchers to passengers who agree to get off and take a later flight. Usually, that works, and someone takes the offer.

That airline might not do the route that you want next time you fly, be wary. The can also expire, for example after a year so consumers should think carefully about if this is the most suitable form of compensation for them given vouchers take away much of the consumer’s right to choose.

The voucher is a voluntary alternative to getting the monetary refund. It’s usually issued within two days and can be used for booking any trip on our website. You can even use the voucher as part-payment for booking multiple trips within its 12-months validity. Please note that the voucher is non-refundable.

Technically, you purchased your ticket from them, so all refunds or vouchers should come from that agent rather than the airline. Right now, thankfully, such conventions are largely suspended, and...

It's a good idea to stick to one airline as much as possible to rack up those points, or to make sure that the airline you choose works with any other reward systems (credit cards, for example) that you are able to use. Rewards can be a big deal for regular travelers, so don't miss out. 5 Cancellations

When an airline oversells a flight and involuntarily bumps a passenger*, regulations require the airline to compensate the traveler in cash. But it isn’t unusual for airlines to offer vouchers instead of cash in this circumstance.

Firstly, it has offered travellers a 10% bonus if they apply for a voucher; if you paid £100 for your flight, you’ll get a voucher worth £110. Secondly, it lasts five years, not one.

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