Quirk hotel who owns it?

Ernestina Bednar asked a question: Quirk hotel who owns it?
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Richmonders Ted and Katie Ukrop are co-owners of the Quirk Hotel in Richmond and in Charlottesville.

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Quirk Hotel, a hotel in Richmond near Virginia Commonwealth University, is owned by the owners of Quirk Gallery, which has been a part of the art scene in Richmond since 2005. The building, built in 1916, features limestone arches and grain ceilings.

Location. Richmond, Virginia. Owner. Quirk Hospitality, LLC. Architect. 3north, PLLC. Size. 59,425 square feet. Richmond’s newest boutique hotel is an adaptive reuse of existing buildings on Broad Street in the heart of downtown Richmond.

Co-owner Ted Ukrop, whose family has owned the building since 1997, first got the idea for Quirk after staying in the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, one of the first hotels to blur the...

Destination Hotels, the part of Hyatt Hotels Corp. that operates independently owned hotels, manages the new Quirk as it does for the original hotel in Richmond. [email protected] (804 ...

Katie Ukrop, who owns the small chain with her husband and a group of investors, is director of Richmond’s Quirk Gallery, namesake of the boutique lodging. Says Ukrop, “This new space really allows the art to sing.”

Quirk Hotel redefines and celebrates Richmond, Virginia, bringing together all the elements that have made it one of the most exciting destinations in the country. Immerse yourself in the Quirk experience: Discover the latest artists on display at Quirk Gallery, browse our unique boutique or enjoy a meal thoughtfully crafted from local ingredients by our creative culinary team.

The original hotel in Richmond is owned by Ted and Katie Ukrop; his parents, James and Bobbie Ukrop; and David and Christy Cottrell. The James Ukrop family owns the building.

“There isn’t an urban, hip boutique hotel here, and I wanted to be the first to do one,” says Ted Ukrop, who along with his wife, Katie, will open Quirk Hotel this month in the thriving arts ...

Background. Quirk was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. [citation needed] His interest in the automotive world during his childhood prevailed as Quirk bought his first used car dealership in 1973.Four years later, he purchased his first new Chevrolet dealership in Braintree, Massachusetts.. Quirk operates 15 dealerships in Massachusetts and 4 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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