Okinawa travel how many days?

Lillie Feest asked a question: Okinawa travel how many days?
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  • If you are planning to stay on the main island, anything from 3 days to 7 days in Okinawa is ideal, so you can blend beach time with travelling and activities. An Okinawa travel itinerary of 3 or 4 days could include a beach day, a scuba diving or snorkelling day and a day to visit local Okinawa attractions.


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  • All wind speeds are in knots. 1 knot = 1.15 MPH or 1.85 KPH. Is it Safe to Travel to Okinawa? Our best data indicates this area is generally safe, except in a few regions. As of Oct 07, 2019 there are regional travel advisories for Japan; exercise normal security precautions and avoid some areas.

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How many days to spend in Okinawa. Okinawa has a lot to offer so If you are thinking of going to Okinawa what affects most to the length of your stay is how many of the islands you want to go to, because it takes about 3 – 5 days to see the sights on one island.

Okinawa, Japan in 5 days. Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost prefecture, and is closer to Taiwan and Batanes in the Philippines than to the rest of Japan. It consist of a few dozen, small islands which can be categorized into three major island groups: the Okinawa Islands, the Miyako Islands and the Yaeyama Islands.

How many days in Okinawa? 3 to 5 days is good. You’ll want at least 3 days to get a taste of the prefecture, and as many as 10 days to fully explore what Okinawa has to offer. Just like most destinations, the islands have their fair share of hidden gems, mostly in the north of the island and off the coast of the Okinawa island proper.

An Okinawa travel itinerary of 3 or 4 days could include a beach day, a scuba diving or snorkelling day and a day to visit local Okinawa attractions. If you have 5 days in Okinawa, you can discover beaches and places of interest further afield, especially if you hire a car (see below). If you plan to take flights or boat trips to visit some of the other islands in the archipelago, then an Okinawa itinerary 7 days or more is perfect.

OKINAWA Itinerary for 3 Days. You can enjoy Okinawa for only 3 days from recommended beaches and landmarks to dining and shopping spots in the mid of the island. Yusuke-s.

Anyway as Okinawa trip for 4 days is not bad. many Japanese visit Okinawa for 3 or 4 days mostly by whichever individuals or group tour. Best way to go to Churaumi-Aquarium is rent a car and drive. If you take a local bus from Naha city for example, it takes 2 hours+ to get there.

Three days provide abundant opportunities for exploring Okinawa-hontō, even allowing for an overnight ferry to tiny, otherwise inaccessible islands nearby. You can taste your way around unusual regional specialties, get an overview of Okinawan art history, snorkel with clownfish, create your own traditional handicrafts, and even have time for a nap on the beach.

Traveling from Osaka to Okinawa, via Kansai International Airport, takes about 2 hours. The flight to Naha from Osaka may cost you about $110 USD. Alternatively, ferries depart for Okinawa from Kagoshima three to four times weekly.

Okinawa Prefecture is a chain of islands located 640km (400mi) south of mainland Japan. Naha, the capital island which is located in Northern Okinawa, hosts an international airport that makes traveling to Okinawa a breeze for both domestic and international travelers. Direct domestic flights from Tokyo or Osaka to Naha takes approximately 3.5 hours, which makes Okinawa an ideal holiday ...

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  • There isn’t yet a good public transport infrastructure in Okinawa and taxis are expensive, so the best way to travel around in Okinawa is by car. The fantastic staff at our hotel booked us in at an Okinawa car rental place nearby so we could set off on an Okinawa road trip to explore the island.
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  • The gorgeous beaches and year-round warm weather There is a reason why Okinawa is known as the Hawaii of Japan. With its endless blue skies, glittering white sand beaches and exotic marine life, Okinawa is a top destination for divers, beach-goers, and all those who crave the wide expanse of the ocean after being cooped up in a city for too long.
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  • When traveling to the remote islands within Okinawa, due to lack of medical facilities on the remote islands, please follow thorough coronavirus infection prevention measures (e.g. wearing a mask). If you are feeling unwell, please refrain from traveling and consider postponing your travel.
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