Numbers of tourism us to canada?

Raul Lemke asked a question: Numbers of tourism us to canada?
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  • The number of United States citizens traveling to Canada increased steadily from 2014 to 2019, rising from 11.5 million to almost 15 million. Overall, the number of U.S. travelers to Canada peaked ...

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The number of United States citizens traveling to Canada increased steadily from 2014 to 2019, rising from 11.5 million to almost 15 million.

The Tourism Statistics Program produces detailed statistics on travellers travelling to, from and within Canada, as well as information on travellers' characteristics and spending. The program also provides information to the Canadian System of Macroeconomic Accounts which produces data on travel and tourism expenditures, employment and gross domestic product.

This fact is reflected in the 2015 international tourist arrival statistics, which indicate that over 22 million US citizens traveled to Canada on vacation that year. This number represents roughly 82% of total foreign resident arrivals and nearly $6 billion spent. United Kingdom . Following the US, the United Kingdom comes in second place as a source country for tourists to Canada. In 2015, the UK sent 733,280 tourists. These visitors spent approximately $723 million while in Canada.

In Canada, total tourism expenditure reached a high of almost 100 billion Canadian dollars in 2019, a figure which has been growing steadily over the last decade.

New data from Statistics Canada shows that the number of trips to Canada taken by U.S. residents through the first six months of the year was more than 12.3 million – 2.2 per cent higher than it...

2019 was the best year for Canadian tourism on record, with arrivals reaching 22.1 million, breaking the 22 million mark for the first time ever. Overnight arrivals to Canada from countries other than the United States reached an all-time high of 7.15 million (2018: 6.7 million).

Yesterday, Statistics Canada released a report that highlights the latest numbers for Canada’s tourism sector. From January to September of 2018, tourism spending in Canada was $80.8 billion, an increase of 5.9% compared to the same period in 2017.

Tourism In Canada Destination Canada produces regular data, market intelligence and industry analysis to help businesses market to international travellers and grow Canada’s tourism industry. Most reports are updated monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the report type.

In 2012, over 16 million tourists arrived in Canada, bringing US$17.4 billion in international tourism receipts to the economy. Domestic and international tourism combined directly contributes 1% of Canada's total GDP and supports 309,000 jobs in the country.

Similarly, 27% of Canadian medical tourists go to the US and no US citizens go to Canada. Forty million people visited the US in 2007 for medical treatment. Australians all go to Asia.

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