Notify me when hotel price drops?

Alda Adams asked a question: Notify me when hotel price drops?
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  • Simply click “emails + alerts” from the drop down menu in the top right while logged in. When there you’ll see a hotel alerts option. You can set your max price for any or all star category hotels in a city. It’s a great way to see if a five star falls into your price range.

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select hotel(s) click the SET ALERT button; enter the price you want to be notified if rates drop; will notify you when, for your dates, a hotel of that star rating in the zone drops below the price you choose +

Travelocity, a travel company, has launched a desktop app developed on adobe air which notifies the user immediately when the deals on flight and hotel drop to meet the defined criteria. A perfect app for those who are planning to travel for vacations. Just enter the departure and destination city, choose the refresh interval, and hit the ‘Save ...

I do that on Expedia. I search for a specific hotel and on its page under all the prices and different room descriptions it says “ Don't miss out on a lower price on this property - Get price alert”. I click that button and then I get regular emails when the price changes. I had a look and that hotel is listed, so maybe set up an alert.

When rates drop below the price you set, an email will be sent with links to all of the hotels that met your alert criteria. Simply click the email link(s) to see the hotel offer. As your saved hotels drop below your price threshold, alert prices are automatically lowered to the current price (so that you only receive alerts on further rate drops).

Membership is free. Once you join, plug in your hotels as well as a price threshold (such as, "Only send me alerts if the price drops by at least $20"). The site will do several price searches per day, and as soon as the flight drops to that specified price, you'll receive an e-mail alert. Trying to pick between two or more hotels?

It's Free. We alert you when sold out hotels have an open room. It's FREE. Tell us where you want to stay and when you're coming. Relax while we keep a close eye on availability (even while you sleep). When something opens up, we'll text or email you so you can book the room.

If the rate drops after you book a Price Drop hotel room, the website automatically locks in the lower rate and refunds you the difference.

NotifyPrice is a free service that watches a given product URL for price changes and sends a notification email when your criteria are met. Also useful for post-order price guarantees and centralized wishlists.

Step 2: Check your user profile and make sure that Notify me of Wishlist price drops by email is checked.

Set up alerts for things you want to buy and let the internet work for you. You can keep checking deal sites like slickdeals and deals2buy to see what is on sale. Or let these 5 tools do the trick...

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