Messages travel within neurons by means of what and between?

Alexandra Casper asked a question: Messages travel within neurons by means of what and between?
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  • Neurons communicate with one another at junctions called synapses. At a synapse, one neuron sends a message to a target neuron—another cell. Most synapses are chemical; these synapses communicate using chemical messengers. Other synapses are electrical; in these synapses, ions flow directly between cells.


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THE BRAIN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. In a chemical synapse, a nerve impulse can travel in only one direction. In contrast, in an electrical synapse, the impulse travels in both directions.

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A neuron or a nerve cell is an electrically excitable cell that transmits and processes information through chemical and electrical signals. These signals between nerve cells occur through synapses, which are specialized connections with other cells. Comment ( 0) Chapter 2, Problem 10MC is solved. View this answer.

Neurons are components of the nervous system of the body that transmit signals as electrical impulses travel along their length. These impulses propagate when charge suddenly rushes into and then out of a part of the neutron . Biology ASAP. 1.)Neurons are classified bye the... (Answer) Direction they carry impulses.

the means of travel within and between neurons is different because: a. electrical signals move impulses within the neuron, while chemical signals move the impulses between neuron. b. chemical signals move the impulses within the neuron, while electrical signal moves impulses between neurons. c. chemical signals initiate all messages in the ...

Neural communication of information within and between neurons happens in two stages—conduction and transmission. Conduction within a neuron is electrical in nature whereas transmission between ...

The means of travel within and between neurons is different because: A. electrical signals move impulses within the neuron, while chemical signals move the impulses between neurons. B. chemical signals move the impulses within the neuron, while electrical signals move impulses between neurons. C. chemical signals initiate all messages in the dendrite, but change to electrical in the axon. D ...

Information travels through A’s synapse, across the synaptic cleft and into the receptors on neuron B. Synaptic transmission. Synaptic transmission basically refers to the delivery of a message via a synapse. Synaptic transmission is a chemical process (as mentioned above) that deals with neurotransmitters.

Neurons transmit messages to other neurons by means of chemical substances called _____. axon Neurons have a cell body, or soma; dendrite, which receive "message"; an __________, which extends from the cell body and transmits.

The two types of synapses are chemical synapses and electrical synapses. The three components of a typical synapse are the pre-synaptic membrane, synaptic cleft, and the post-synaptic membrane. How Do Neurons Communicate With Each Other Through Synapses. Neurons transmit nerve impulses by means of nerve impulses or action potentials generated on the plasma membrane of the axon.

The space between two neurons where the axon of a sending neuron communicates with the dendrites of a receiving neuron by using chemical messages synapse Chemicals that carry messages across the synapse to the dendrite of a receiver neuron

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  • The synapse is a neuronal junction which acts as the site for transmission of nerve impulse between two neurons. This synapse along with its neurotransmitters acts as a physiological valve, directing the conduction of nerve impulses in regular circuits and prevents random and chaotic stimulation of nerves.
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  • Nerve impulses travel through nerve fibers, and the speed of whichthey travel depends on the type of nerve fiber. They travel usuallyaround 86 miles per hour.
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Nerve impulses are electrical signals that travel down an axon. Neurotransmission This process stimulates the membrane of a neuron, and that neuron needs to signal another neuron, essentially working in a chain of neurons, in order for the information to travel quickly to the brain.

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This means that the action potential 'jumps' from one node to the next. The process is known as saltatory conduction and results in much faster propagation of the nerve impulse compared to non-myelinated neurons (where action potentials travel as one slow wave)

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