Mehndi reaction?

Myron Rohan asked a question: Mehndi reaction?
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Skin infections due to mehndi cause swelling, itching and redness. Batra said that as soon as people notice such symptoms, they should visit a doctor to avoid any serious consequences.

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However, brown and black coloured mehndi causes contact dermatitis when applied in some cases. Common side-effects of mehndi are - #1 Contact dermatitis

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Mehndi Chemical Reaction Why Black Henna Is Dangerous Hennafly Youtube

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A runny nose; Nasal congestion; Watery eyes; Cough; The reaction of the skin is expressed in the form of itching, peeling, redness. Considering the gastrointestinal tract, vomiting, diarrhea, heaviness in the abdomen are observed. These symptoms come out as the result of applying henna either on hair or the skin.

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