Medieval cathedrals were originally travel destinations for who?

Liza Bahringer asked a question: Medieval cathedrals were originally travel destinations for who?
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  • Women monks were called nuns. They lived in places called convents. Pilgrimages were a very important part of life in the Middle Ages. Many people went on journeys to holy places like Canterbury Cathedral in England. Sometimes they had to travel for many months and they often slept in monasteries, where they were safe.


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Travel through History – Where did People in the Middle Ages Journey? Most peasants travelled within a very small radius upon their King's land, as far as to the nearest market to buy food, or to work, and then home again. Farmers would venture as far as to the nearest village to sell their produce.

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  • It was obviously more difficult to travel long distances in the middle ages than in our own time. That, however, does not mean people didn’t travel! War and Crusade, politics and diplomacy, pilgrimage, trade—all these and more were reasons for people from all stations to move around, within Europe and beyond.

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In the 320s and 330s, Constantine, the first Roman emperor to embrace Christianity, constructed sumptuous buildings on several locations that had already become popular destinations for pilgrims. These churches often incorporated a round or centrally planned element, a form associated with tombs and the shrines of martyrs.

This is by no means a comprehensive survey of medieval cathedrals. It does however cover a significant number in England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and France. These are immense buildings with varied history and the survival of some is truly remarkable. You will find that some cathedrals have more information than others, this is simply because I…

Medieval pilgrimages were a way of life, and initially an involved practice that took travelers to Christian sites connected to the life of Jesus—especially Holy Land destinations such as Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, some 3,000 miles (4800 kilometers) away from Europe.

Many cathedrals are regarded as places that have provided rewarding religious experiences, where prayers have been answered or miracles have taken place. Pilgrimage was particularly popular in the late medieval period. Some cathedrals such as Santiago de Compostela continue to attract pilgrims. Civic and social functions

The Cathedrals were the most obvious symbol of a church’s wealth. It must have been a competition of who had the nicest and largest Cathedral. In 1163, Notre-Dame in Paris was the highest at 34m tall and from then on they just got bigger; such as the Strasbourg Cathedral Spire which is 142 M high, identical to a 45 story building (“Medieval Spell”).

Medieval Cathedrals – What they can tell. Four walls and their meaning A medieval man read the facade of the cathedral as a book – sculptural images told him about the natural and animal world, about Christian history and symbols. The building of the cathedral faces east, and each side has its own symbolic meaning.

An overview of the purpose of medieval cathedrals. Among those churches to benefit in particular were St. A number of Medieval cathedrals were known for their size, grand architectureand stained glass windows that often depicted the life of Christ and certain other saints and religious icons.

The Cathedral of Strasbourg was the first cathedral of Germany (or Kingdom of Germania). Until the arrival of Louis XIV in 1681 and his minister of the war, the Marquess of Louvois that camped in the environs of Strasbourg and forced their submission to the French monarchy the 30 of September of 1681. Medieval Treadwheel Crane in the Cathedral of ...

How were Medieval Cathedrals Built? Materials & Masonry Planning & Execution Execution Planning Masonry Early Masonic Techniques Rubble vs. Ashlar Masonry glass Who are the craftspeople, connected to cathedral construction, in the following pictures? Lime Geometry in construction

This book is an introduction to the medieval cathedral, those churches that are usually regarded as among the greatest achievements of medieval architecture. While cathedrals were often the most prominent urban structure in many European cities, their construction was never a civic responsibility, but remained the responsibility of the clergy in charge of the day to day activities and services.

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Given the inevitable damage of weather and use, it was in many ways easier to travel long distances by horseback than by cart, carriage, or other wheeled vehicle. Men in particular would only ride in a wagon if old or sick—and a wealthy person who could not ride would likely travel in a litter, borne by two horses.

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War and Crusade, politics and diplomacy, pilgrimage, trade—all these and more were reasons for people from all stations to move around, within Europe and beyond.

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