Know which hotel on hotwire?

Serenity Stehr asked a question: Know which hotel on hotwire?
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  • Figure out which hotel you’re getting on Hotwire takes a little bit of a different approach. Here’s what to do: 1. Select your travel dates and location Like Priceline, Hotwire will disclose the names of some hotels as you’re scrolling through your search results after entering a location and picking dates:

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How to figure out which hotel you’ll get on Hotwire One great way to get hotels, car rentals and flights at discounted rates is Rooms, flights and car rentals that go unsold are given to Hotwire for cheap and they sell it to you as a mystery hotel.

Click on the map view: Click on the hotels on the map that are in the same area that the secret hotel is in. You want to open up each hotel page in a different tab. After this, you should have a series of tabs with potential hotels. If there is only one hotel, then you are done! Otherwise, you need to keep filtering.

hotwire pretty much always give you the hotel with the cheapest rate on the 1 out of 4 hotel list.. you will save $50-$80 compare to other site, but never gonna get those $200-$500 saving hotel. just do a quick search on google and you will know pretty much which hotel they are pushing to sell.

Now you can know exactly which hotel you’ll receive before making your blind purchase…at least in some cities. Hotwire offers great values, but there is a catch…you won’t see the name of your hotel until you actually pay. Instead, you’ll see the general neighborhood the hotel is located in as well as the star level.

Hotwire is easy. Start with the search form above, then to identify any hotel use the 'Click to Reveal Hotel' button.

After you've targeted a promising deal on Hotwire, copy the mystery hotel's amenities, star rating, and neighborhood into the Bid Goggles tool (open in a separate browser tab or window). The site matches the Hotwire description with the description of similar hotels that other travelers have visited.

5) Identify any matching hotel (in this case any “4.5” star hotel), and Google search hotel name in new tab. The filters often don’t work , so go through all shown results paying attention to the class and area.

Use These 4 Steps to Identify Your Hotwire Hotel STEP 1: Visit's Hotwire Hotel Lists. has collected Hotwire hotel... STEP 2: Search Hotwire For Your Hotel. Click on the Hotwire link provided (right hand side of this page) to search for... STEP 3: Compare ...

Book your hotel through Hotwire and get up to 60%* off. Whether you’re looking for a five-star luxury resort, a comfortable downtown hotel or a budget option near the airport, we’ve got you covered. For low prices, our Hot Rate® Hotels offer deep discounts if you book before learning the name of the hotel.

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