Kenneling your dog when on vacation?

Muriel Schuppe asked a question: Kenneling your dog when on vacation?
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Provide the sitter or boarding facility with a schedule of your dog's or cat's feedings, medication dosages and other activities. Offer solutions to any behavioral issues that might arise in your absence. Leave an unwashed tee shirt of yours with your dog or cat so he can be comforted by your scent while you're away.


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Dogs will need a little more TLC while their owners are on vacation, and that may mean trusting your pup to a professional. In order to find the best kennel for your pet, Lippman suggests reaching out to reliable friends and fellow pet owners for advice. “Word-of-mouth will be your biggest help.

Boarding kennels allow you to place your pet in a hotel of sorts for short or long stays while you are on vacation. While at the boarding kennel, your pet will receive care, attention, and exercise while in indoor and outdoor spaces designed with your pet’s safety in mind.

Dogs should add to your life, not take away from it. It won't hurt your dog to be in the kennel. I wouldn't let it ruin your vacation. That is not healthy for you and your husband. I'd research around your area and make sure that you are using a great kennel. Some kennels offer more play time and spend more time with dogs than other kennels.

Back to the subject, Kenneling while on vacation. If I were to pick up a puppy this coming spring, the puppy would be approx 8 months old by the time the annual vacation rolled around.

You can leave instructions to feed what you brought or leave it for use as a backup in case your pet decides they don't like the kennel food. Kenneling your pet when you go on vacation keeps them safe and secure. Make sure that the facility is a good fit for you and your pet before committing to a reservation for your four-legged family member.

Going on vacation and want your dog to have their own vacation, too? Get to Homestead Dogs Dog Boarding & Kenneling. Here at Homestead Dogs Boarding and Kenneling that is exactly what we do. We are a Boutique facility, so we get to know each dog guest very well. Your furry family member will be lodging in an odor free, spacious enclosure with climate control.

If your dog won’t do well at a kennel or hotel, consider an in-home pet sitter who can take care of her while you’re away. Pet sitters are great because your dog can stay in her own environment and in the same routine. For instance, pet site and app Rover offers pet sitting services that could make going on vacation and leaving pup behind a lot easier. Owners can search for pet sitters nearby, schedule a meet and greet with them and book the one that is the best fit for Fido.

Make a list of allergies and medication instructions. Alert your carer or kennel to any special needs, anxieties or personal traits they may experience with your dog. Apply flea treatments and get necessary vaccines before you leave. Provide contact details for yourself, a vet or another emergency contact.

Your furry family member’s well-being during your trip represents a top consideration, and your options range from boarding him at a kennel to hiring a pet-sitter to bringing your beloved pet along on your adventure. Although it’s tempting to have your dog or cat accompany you on vacation, some pets are better suited for traveling than others.

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