Just cus3 how to fast travel?

Ed O'Connell asked a question: Just cus3 how to fast travel?
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  • Initially in Just Cause 3,the ability to fast travel is not available. Instead, you have to complete a few missions in order to get it. Simply do the main story missions until Rico gets a call from Sheldon.

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Fast travel was already available in the previous installments, but AC III lets you use it directly from the map. If you have discovered a given area, just click on it and Connor will automatically move there. Points connecting big, separate locations such as Boston and Frontier are unlocked in the first place.

Fast travel isn’t very helpful. The three travel points are relatively close to each other and solve the primary navigation problem in the game, which are the long and are times endless loading screens as you traverse interiors (which often serve no purpose aside from you have to walk through them to trigger another loading screen to then be able to walk where you want to go).

I've only managed to unlock two of the Frontier's 'Zones' fast travel points but i've no idea how I got them to appear on the map screen. I've been wandering the other zones aimlessly hoping that the other fast travel points will show themselves but no luck.

the fast travel points in concord and lexington can be opened up by running around the area near the shop until it opens up. there are sometimes carts / open carriges nearby with people sitting on them, walk and climb over those. one of the two opened up when I clambered over a woodpile stacked at the side of the shop. basically it's find the shop and then wander around the nearby area ...

To fast travel in vanilla you must be near a signpost. This mod allows you to fast travel to a signpost no matter where you are. It works if you are in the middle of the wilderness and don't feel like traveling to a signpost a billion lightyears away. Thanks Gopher for including my mod in his video (Fast Travel from Anywhere begins at 7:13):

I didn't know it was possible to create a community this cancerous. Absolutely incredible. I hope you're trolling for your sake. In the event that a normal human being spots this and is thinking of creating some kind of mod or tool that enables fast travel in hardcore mode, or a mod that otherwise makes the elements of hardcore mode modular, please add me and I'll try and do my best to assist you.

You might also be able to fast travel from locations you are not supposed to fast travel from. (Such as quests where your character is meant to be imprisoned or in a dream state.) It is up to you to use this mod in a realistic manner, and if you cannot control yourself or decide to abuse it and possibly break your game in the process, then that is not my fault.

Valheim - How to Fast Travel. Portals are going to be a player's best friend when it comes to fat traveling around Valheim. The early stages of the game will have them venturing around on foot. Once players reach the Bronze Age, they'll be able to craft as many portals as their heart desires. To reach the Bronze Age, players will have to defeat ...

Link enters ‘bullet time’ and ends up flying across the land with this fantastic fast-travel glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Fall travel season is here, ... Just be sure to read the fine print, as these bargains often involve specific timing, usually don’t allow for changes and must be purchased during a small time ...

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