Jobs where you travel and rate hotels?

Dallas Dibbert asked a question: Jobs where you travel and rate hotels?
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  • Hotel raters, also known as hotel inspectors, have what might appear to some to be a dream job: They travel around the world, stay in hotels, eat in the hotel restaurants and enjoy the hotel amenities. The best part: they get paid for doing so!

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Job title: Travel blogger. Best for: Those who have awesome storytelling skills and can create captivating content based on their travel adventures. Job description: Travel bloggers write about their experiences exploring the globe. They often travel around and use their blog as a way of sharing their stories and offering advice to fellow travelers. To earn money, they may partner with companies to write brand-specific content or offer advertising on their site.

Hotel raters, also known as hotel inspectors, have what might appear to some to be a dream job: They travel around the world, stay in hotels, eat in the hotel restaurants and enjoy the hotel...

14. WWOOFing. Plus you’ll get dirty – nice! WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) has been budget travellers go-to work and travel job for decades now. The gist is – you work on organic a farm for 20-30 hours a week and are given free food and accommodation in return.

If you're hired, you'll get $10,000 a month, travel expenses, and even be able to bring along one travel buddy. (They've got to pay their own way, though.) ThirdHome is calling it the “Best Job ...

Travel websites such as, and are some good places to start for freelance writing. Once you gain experience freelancing, start searching for hotel review and general travel review jobs on journalism search engines like JournalismJobs or Mediabistro. If you can't find a hotel reviewer job on these types of sites, getting a job reviewing restaurants, bars and destinations can be the next best thing. These positions can lead to jobs reviewing ...

Jobs website Glassdoor shows a manager position at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, a five-star hotel chain, has an average salary of $114,000 from $95,000 to $129,000. Hotel managers are traveling ...

You don’t have to quit your current job to travel the world especially if your job involves you being at a desk or if it can be done at home, it can probably also be done with you on the other side of the world. This idea sounds crazy for most people because the idea that you have to be in an “office” is ingrained into our cultures.

Software developer jobs are not really among jobs that require travelling, but they can bring you lots of opportunities to travel independently as much as you want. With this job you always have a choice to work in the office or go remote. If you go remote, decide for yourself where to be based and how often to travel.

1. Flight Attendant. One of the best jobs that allow you to travel is being a flight attendant. Most flight attendants start out in the United States initially, before being allowed to operate longer flights that hit travel destinations such as Japan, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

What Roles: Travel Agent, Vacation Specialist, Dream Vacations Franchise Owner, Personal Cruise Consultant, Vacation Planner & more. What Employees Say: “I've made the right decision for me, and if you have a passion for travel I truly believe this company can help you achieve your dream. They are a large company that puts their own money up to help you promote business and every person I've dealt with there seems to have a unique interest in helping you succeed.” —Current ...

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