Jobs where you can travel all the time?

Scarlett Kessler asked a question: Jobs where you can travel all the time?
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Jobs Where You Can Travel

  • Flight Attendant. One of the best jobs that allow you to travel is being a flight attendant…
  • Cruise Ship Worker…
  • Travel Agent…
  • Customer Service Agent…
  • International Aid Worker…
  • Foreign Service Officer…
  • Consultant…
  • English Teacher.

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If you are a nurse, or if you are thinking about becoming a nurse, being a travelling nurse is one of the single most amazing careers you can get into. Travelling nurses are usually hired for thirteen to twenty-six weeks in whatever location they choose and all of your travel expenses are usually paid.

Assignments are based on seniority, but Zippia used U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data to determine that Miami, Florida, and Houston, Texas, were some of the top-rated places for flight attendants due to their pay scale, available jobs, and cost of living. Expert flight attendant: Karalee, The Flight Attendant Life.

12. Retail Buyer or Purchasing Manager. Retail chains conduct a lot of research before deciding which products to offer for sale. So their buyers and purchasing managers often get paid to travel to various trade shows in search of new and profitable products that customers might like.

Jobs Where You Can Travel 1. Flight Attendant. One of the best jobs that allow you to travel is being a flight attendant. Most flight attendants... 2. Cruise Ship Worker. Cruise ship jobs have a reputation for being one of the best jobs where you can travel. You get... 3. Travel Agent. For many ...

Traveling Jobs in Agro-Tourism (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Voluntary Organic Farm Workers is a trend that getting more and more popular each year. Organic farms exist in at least 50 countries and you can go to any place you feel like. The job basically includes 4-6 hours a day of work 5-6 days per week.

Travel industry jobs – options include hotel management, adventure tourism and travel agency. With some employers and roles you will travel very regularly – for example graduate trainees with international hotel chains may move hotel every few months, and you can expect to be constantly out and about if you lead adventure tourism expeditions such as rock climbing or kayaking.

FlexJobs screens employers for you. FlexJobs comes with a small, flat monthly fee, but they also vet all of the job opportunities, meaning that there’s a lot less spam to wade through. FlexJobs is one of the top job boards for remote work, but there is a monthly fee (about $14.95 USD a month). Check out FlexJobs here.

Interpreters are needed at political and business meetings, international conventions and conferences, in court rooms and hospitals, refugee camps and multinational companies. Although you'll generally be based in one location you can easily see the world on a series of short contracts.

One of the most common travel careers for digital nomads is graphics or website design. All you need is your computer, an eye for design, and knowledge of certain software programs and online platforms. Things like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Illustrator, etc. Talent for writing code helps too — specifically HTML, PHP, and CSS.

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