Is 30% travel a lot?

Mabelle Kuhn asked a question: Is 30% travel a lot?
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30% would be 3 days out of every 2 weeks. You might fly out to visit a client on Sunday, work there Monday through Wednesday, fly home Wednesday night, then work locally the rest of that week and the following week. That would be 30% travel, even though you spent time Sunday and Wednesday evening traveling.

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Originally Posted by injera. Theyve estimated 25-30% of the time on the road with the remainder wfh. My wife is supportive if this is something I wish to do but with a 1 year old at home i'm a little nervous about being away for potentially weeks at a time (even if its only a once a quarter trip). Thanks.

Most people in professional jobs that require that level of travel aren’t calculating the travel time in hours. Most people are referring to the number of business days traveling or in another city. 30% would be 3 days out of every 2 weeks. You might fly out to visit a client on Sunday, work there Monday through Wednesday, fly home Wednesday night, ...

Against this background, Bill Gates predicted that in a post-SARS-CoV-2 era business travel will be reduced by more than 50% and more than 30% of office life will disappear.

Yeah, it depends on which state the OP is in. Rural travel in Ohio is a Whole Lot Different than rural travel in Utah or Montana. Back east you can’t go 20 miles without going through a small town, out west you can easily go 20 miles without seeing another car (I once tracked it in Nevada, we drove 68 miles without seeing another car.)

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A 30-40% chance essentially means 30-40% of the area may have rain, the other 60-70% won't . Mornings tend to be sunny,afternoon more cloudy with any showers usually late pm. They are often brief but heavy. It won't spoil your vacation though

Likewise, Roque said that the government has also allowed outdoor non-contact sports, 30% operating capacity for venue meetings or conferences, 40% operating capacity for personal care services, and 30% outdoor tourist attractions for areas under GCQ with heightened restrictions, including Metro Manila.

The United States’ share of total international arrivals is 5.4% (down from 6.4% in 2015). The United States’ share of global long‐haul travel is 11.3% (down from 13.7% in 2015). International travel spending directly supported about 1.2 million U.S. jobs and $33.6 billion in wages. Each overseas traveler spends approximately $4,200 when ...

As you may recall, we asked 721 reps to tell us how they spend their time. These were their numbers, which speak for themselves. They spend 35.2% of their time selling and 65% on everything else ...

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