How to start a travel agency in jamaica?

Davon Parker asked a question: How to start a travel agency in jamaica?
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  • The first step in satisfying the local requirements is to register your company or business name with the Companies Office of Jamaica. You can then obtain an application form from the Registrar of Travel Agents (RTA), which must be completed and returned with the following:

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The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association holds a highly respected position at all levels of government and is recognized as one of the leading associations of its kind in the Caribbean. Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association. 2 Ardenne Rd., Kingston 10, Jamaica. (876) 926-3635 - 6/ (876) 929-1054. [email protected]

Our travel agents specializing in Jamaica vacations can recommend a resort that fits your travel style and budget. We recommend calling to talk with a Jamaica travel agent, but if you’d prefer to research and book online yourself, we’d be happy to service the reservation when you book on one of our partner web sites with Funjet Vacations or Apple Vacations and select Fox World Travel as your travel agency.

Jamaica, West Indies Telephone: +(876) 702-6000 Emergency After-Hours Telephone: +(876) 702-6000 Fax: +(876) 702-6018 Email: [email protected] Consulates. U.S. Consular Agent - Montego Bay Whitter Village, Ironshore Unit EU-1 (across from Burger King) Montego Bay, Jamaica Telephone: +(876) 953-0620

2. Choose your travel agency's name: Whether you go with a host agency or choose to go independent, you're going to need a name for our agency. The vendors (hotels, cruise lines, airlines, etc) will need travel agency name for their records so have one ready before you can start selling travel.

Step 4: Deal with the legal side. A travel business is, for the most part, a fairly simple one to set up. Unlike starting a brewery or starting a dispensary , there isn’t a lot of legal red tape when it comes to becoming a travel agent and starting a travel business.

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