How to remove mehndi color from hair?

Randal Osinski asked a question: How to remove mehndi color from hair?
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  • Salt water is the easiest and best way to remove heena color. Due to chlorine present in salt works best to fade off mehndi color. This also remove impurities and pain. Take a bowl and mix sea salt and lukewarm water.

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How To Remove Mehndi Color From Hands And Hair For the hairs just wash them properly and dry them fully and don’t apply anything removing solution until it didn’t get dry properly. Now take some hair clips and separate the hairs in equal length.

Using A Bleach To Remove The Stains Take any regular bleach (one that is used for the face and hands), and mix it as per instructions. Apply it on the mehendi. Once it dries, rinse your hands with cool water.

But if you are DYING to DY your hair and your hairdresser don't want to risk to colour... Henna is a natural product and a good option to cover your grey hairs.

Combine equal parts extra virgin olive oil, argan oil and coconut oil. Apply the oil blend from your scalp to the tips of your hair. Leave some leftover for a near future touch-up. Leave the oil in overnight (cover your head and with a plastic shower cap and secure with a head wrap so there is no oily mess on your pillowcase the next morning).

Lemon juice makes hair lustrous and also prevents dandruff. Even people with dry hair, who are suffering from dandruff, can apply lemon juice on scalp and hair shaft. 3) For red or burgundy color, grate some beet root & Katha and add them to henna. 4) For brownish or bronze color, add some coffee powder while soaking henna.

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