How to dress for a mehndi function guest man?

Karelle Konopelski asked a question: How to dress for a mehndi function guest man?
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Pastel Kurta is the simple Men's Mehendi outfit

Especially for the Mehendi function, Men should select the Pastel colored Kurta. Pastel-colored Kurtas are an increasing trend. Even simple Cotton with Pastel color looks superb. Also, self textured Kurtas in Pastel color look awesome.

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What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest for Mehndi ? #1 A simple printed Floral Jacket For all those men who want to create a style statement by choosing something simple yet chic wear a floral jacket and pair it with elegant Jodhpuri Pants!

Keep it hip and happening and pick this dress for mehndi function! Green Mirror work Lehenga. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Vasant Kunj . Mirrorwork lehengas are an evergreen trend. Blending traditional mirror work with a modern twist, this Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla worn by Anissa at her wedding - The #AnissaMaanGayi wedding is a beautiful pick for your mehndi function dress. Dark Green Lehenga with ...

In mehndi functions, men mostly wear shalwar kameez with dupattas, which they put on their shoulders. Women usually wear yellow or orange outfits in contrast. Yellow Dupatta and Yellow kameez are also preferred, but nowadays, since fashion is growing, people tend to go for unique colors as well.

9. Multi Colored Dress for Mehndi: Mehendi is a pre-wedding ceremony which is often a relaxed event. The multi coloured dress is the new trend that is following in the Mehendi functions. Most of the brides prefer to be unique and trying these multicolour outfits gives a special and unique collection for Mehendi.

If you're getting mehndi, Chitwood and Marsh both have some fashion tips: "Wear short sleeves so your hands are exposed," Chitwood says. "Make sure you're comfortable because you'll have to sit for a long period of time." And leave the earth tones at home. "Don't wear your favorite little black dress!" Marsh says. "For non-Indian guests who may not have a

Mehndi is said to be one of such functions in any weddings that give the center of attraction to both bride and groom. If the Mehndi function comprises both the bride and groom then it is also vital for the groom to dress them into the perfect dress for the Mehndi functions. Well not just the groom but ever the male guest as well. Dress styling of men are kept on changing as the wedding season ...

Kurta pajama or shalwar and waistcoat combination on mehndi day is for the groom, groom brothers and cousins. You can also check out men pantcoat and waistcoat collection if you want to appear in a western look. In our culture, in Pakistan and India especially, Yellow dupatta is also worn that is associated with the mehndi function specifically.

Don’t dress too casual, but also don’t be too dressy. You can opt for a yellow or white kurta, paired with a pajama, Patiala or dhoti. You may end up with yellow stains on your outfit, hence it is recommended to opt for yellows or brights shades to save your outfit from stains!. Dress low key and comfortable for Haldi ceremonies. Go for pastels or bright colors on Haldi with contrasting embroideries or patterns. It matters what to wear to an Indian wedding and it’s every ...

Latest Men Dulha Dresses for Mehndi Function- Coordinating Couples. You will see the beautiful couples on their mehndi functions wearing the matching and coordinating mehndi dresses. Most of the men like to wear kurta shalwar or shalwar kameez along with a waistcoat. The waistcoat may be kept plain, embroidered. Stuff used is mostly raw silk, banarsi, jamavar, organza, etc. Fancy buttons are added to supplement more grace to the outfit. Add a contrasting pocket square to the front ...

Crop tops that double up as blouses, and maxi skirts that are used as lehengas – multi-tasking fashion is officially here. And I predicted it almost a year ago 😉 These are PERFECT for a bride to wear to her Mehendi (see more Mehendi outfit options here) or for the bridesmaids to wear to smaller functions. Eshaani Jayaswal and Ridhi Mehra make my favourite crop tops, while Mogra, Sonali Kalra Ahuja and Nitya Bajaj have created some fabulous maxi skirt designs!

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