How to cover a travel trailer to keep it cooler?

Daniela Deckow asked a question: How to cover a travel trailer to keep it cooler?
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  • Use vent cushions and covers to block the vents and skylight. You can also insulate your RV vents using foam board. Covering the vents is an effective RV insulation idea for days when your air conditioning is running. On cooler days when your RV vents are open, remember to remove the vent cushions to let the breeze blow in.

Install Roof Vent Covers to Increase Air Circulation

Keeping windows and vents open also encourages cross ventilation that keeps your RV cool. You can also add fans to your roof vents, which will ensure that you'll be able to make your own breeze during still days.

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9. Make sure shower skylight is covered. A shower skylight can bring in sunlight and increase the air temperature. A good idea is to insulate it using a refletix or other insulation product. 10. Cover the RV but get proper ventilation. In a lot of points above I have said that we should cover the windows or door.

8. Cover Skylights. The summer sun sits high in the sky, and any skylights attract heat. Use insulating covers to block out any solar radiation coming in from above. This will help keep your RV cooler, especially during extra-hot days. 9. Keep Your Door Shaded. A shaded outdoor space also keeps your door area from building up heat.

3) Use your main patio awning and any window awnings to assist in cooling the RV down. In addition to the awnings use your window blinds, curtains or day/night shades to help keep the sun out and the cooler air in.

We have five tips for you to keep your RV Camping cooler even when the weather outside is not cooperating and is less than cool. 1. First of all and most obviously, park your RV under shade. This will not only keep it cooler, it will also give you a frame of reference to find your RV or other people in your group such as children to find your RV.

5) Shade the Fridge Side of The RV. On sunny sweltering days, the fridge must work overtime to maintain its cool. Shading the outside of the rig where the refrigerator is located will help it in that regard. Knowing where the fridge is from the outside is easy, as there are two removable vents located there.

A simple way to do this is by opening the windows on the shady side, and closing them on the sunny, or warmer, side. Ceiling vent vans help tremendously when it comes to moving air around the RV. Brands such as Fan-tastic and Maxx-air both make RV specific fans that can move around a lot of air. Love Your RV. 4.

Securely cover all vents when running your AC to keep your RV sealed and minimize any outside air from heating up your interior AC air. In the bathroom, use Velcro tape to secure the vent cover so that it can be removed for showers (you want to have a vent open to release steam and water vapor).

Reflectix is a reflective insulation roll, which covers all your windows to reflect sunlight away from your RV, thus keeping your RV cooler. These rolls typically costs around $15-$20 each, an economical and effective way to survive brutal summer days. Simply attach these rolls to cover the whole area of each window.

Run portable fans inside your mobile home to circulate the air. This helps to drop the temperature inside in the summertime. Step 3 Add heavy shades or drapes to the window treatments inside your mobile home, and keep them closed when the sun is at its brightest.

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