How soon can a baby travel on airplane?

Frankie Murray asked a question: How soon can a baby travel on airplane?
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When is it okay to fly with my newborn baby?

  • Although your baby could be able to fly at 2 weeks old, you might want to wait until he or she is a bit older. A great age to consider flying with a newborn baby is at 2 months old. Flying with a 2-month-old is a lot easier than flying with an 8-month-old, that's for sure.

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How Old Can a Baby Fly? Most pediatricians believe that a 4-6 week old baby can handle airplane flights, says Elizabeth Berger M.D. But this only refers to healthy babies who get the go-ahead from...

When is it safe to travel with a newborn baby by plane? In general, doctors recommend you wait to fly until your baby’s immune system is better developed. This could be as soon as one month for full-term infants, though most doctors recommend anywhere between three months and six months.

Air travel is appropriate for most infants. Before you fly with your baby, however, consider: Your baby's age. Your baby's doctor might discourage unnecessary air travel shortly after birth. Newborns have developing immune systems and air travel might increase their risk of catching an infectious disease.

If your baby is at least two days old, most airlines should be happy for him to fly. However, some airlines will insist that your baby is at least two weeks old. There are no standard regulations, so it's best to check with your airline before you book.

I think it’s okay to fly with your newborn baby straight away. After 1 week of age the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) says it’s okay, as does the AAP, but always recommends a separate seat for your infant whenever possible. The biggest risk flying with a healthy newborn is exposure to infection.

As soon as the pilot announces you're about to descend, offer baby a bottle, breast, or pacifier to relieve ear pressure. If that doesn't work, gently rub your baby's ears. If that doesn't work ...

American Airlines, for example, allows babies as young as two days old to fly, but babies one week old and younger must have a medical form completed by a physician. Keep in mind that travel could be stressful for both a new mom and a brand-new baby, especially if a flight is delayed or canceled.

Your baby can travel soon after they're born. Most airlines prefer babies to be at least two days old, but after that, it’s up to you. Bear in mind that your baby will need a passport and, if necessary, a visa. It's also important to make sure they're covered by your travel insurance.

By Lane France, M.D., pediatrician There are no hard and fast rules for traveling with a brand-new baby, and many families are comfortable hitting the road shortly after their baby is born. But for most, it makes more sense to stay close to home. Early infancy is a time of transition for a new baby and her family.

Inside the aircraft, if it is a full flight then breastfeeding the baby for as long as possible will automatically keep the baby’s mouth and nose close to your body with reduced chances of...

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